Monday, August 4, 2014

project life 2014: week 31

sunday: this may, one day, be their ACTUAL engagement photo. see the yellow flower ring? he gave that to her. IN A JEWELRY BOX. he held it out, he opened it up and presented it… and she said, “oh micah! you’re so silly!!!” and then took the ring with a big smile and put it on.

I nearly died. as did her mom. 008 (2)

monday: with the kids in vbs, I cashed in on the mani-pedi gift certificate shane gave me for my birthday and then enjoyed some coffee in the sun… by myself!!009

wednesday: bad pic because I was being sneaky… this is shane at the DOL, getting his picture taken for his DRIVER’S PERMIT!!! this is likely the 2nd happiest day of his life… the 1st happiest will happen in just under 1 year, and likely at the same location…017 (2)

thursday: how do you like my handyman installing my brand, spankin’ new toilet seat??? pretty exciting!019 (2)

friday: layla had something on her foot bugging her, so I had her soak it (them) in some warm salt water. apparently micah was not going to be left out…030

saturday: layla having fun in our summer downpour.2014-09-2719

also saturday: between thunderstorms and downpours, I attacked a very neglected area of our yard, and hauled out tons of weeds and blackberry bushes and all sorts of unpleasant foliage. I filled our yard waste can to the top and had at least that much left over that wouldn’t fit.043

and a couple of extras:

it’s always shocking to see toby downstairs voluntarily since the arrival of “the hairy menace” that wants nothing more than to eat him… yes, the dog was outside.

and, you might have a punk older brother if you find your frisbee stashed IN the bathroom skylight…011 (2)   020 

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