Monday, August 25, 2014

project life 2014: week 34

monday: this is what happens when it’s time for me to make dinner. ALWAYS right in the middle. ALWAYS underfoot. and if you happen to bump into him? you get a dirty look and a little growl.


tuesday: alert the tooth fairy! (also, note the dangling one up top.)002

wednesday: back to school haircut for me.005

also wednesday: yup. I hope the tooth fairy didn’t go too far away.007

friday: this is micah’s “seed pumpkin”. he and shane went down to the farm and were helping lynn, who was pruning her pumpkin plants. this little one didn’t make the cut, so micah got to keep it. he was very attached to it.016

also friday: happened to be driving down the road by this park at just the right time!! saw this through the trees and went careening off the road and into the parking lot to check it out. they were just taking off. SO exciting! I love these balloons!020017026

saturday: happy anniversary to us! celebrating 10 years (a little early) with an overnight getaway.030

Monday, August 18, 2014

project life 2014: week 33

sunday: obliteride day! layla and micah participated in the kids ride this year, and then we waited for dave to finish.254269

monday: red neck waterslide! grant and shane helped me heave the big metal slide onto the dome climber, then we put the slip and slide at the end of it and ran the hose down the slide. it was awesome.273

also monday: we had an awesome thunderstorm that night!295297

tuesday: these are EVERYWHERE. I may need to ban otter pops. 315

wednesday: somebody is staring at me.320

friday: micah got in his head that he wanted shane to take him fishing. he would not let it go. he even drew shane a picture of the two of them fishing together. so shane finally complied. although fish could be seen in the lake, they didn’t manage to catch any. 331

Monday, August 11, 2014

project life 2014: week 32

I was a little bit camera happy this week… there will be an insert for all the extras.

sunday: seafair sunday!!!! we went to see the blue angels, and just like last time, layla hated it. yes, standing on the freeway with a bazillion other people in the scorching sun is hot, but we brought snacks and water and sunscreen and sunglasses and a blanket to sit on… and yet, even with the totally awesome air show going on, she pouted the WHOLE time. boo hiss.059

monday:the kids made a ‘nest’. complete with ‘eggs’. apparently bonez thought it looked like a good nest for a dog, and filled the role of mother bird. doesn’t he look maternal and nurturing?131

wednesday: shane was hanging out at susie and kevin’s, and when we went to pick him up, they wanted us to stay for a glass of wine… which turned into layla and micah wanting to swim… and shane and tony going paddleboarding… and nate photobombing this totally awesome picture of shane on the SUP with layla AND micah hitching a ride. I love this picture.177

thursday: found this in my closet… any guesses on who has been here?194

friday: poor kitty. the torment this cat puts up with…214

friday: obliteride kick-off party. 2014-09-2710

saturday: most beautiful girl in the world.219

and the 4 million extras:

070 072 069 079087 095099 127141 193197 210224 249252

Monday, August 4, 2014

project life 2014: week 31

sunday: this may, one day, be their ACTUAL engagement photo. see the yellow flower ring? he gave that to her. IN A JEWELRY BOX. he held it out, he opened it up and presented it… and she said, “oh micah! you’re so silly!!!” and then took the ring with a big smile and put it on.

I nearly died. as did her mom. 008 (2)

monday: with the kids in vbs, I cashed in on the mani-pedi gift certificate shane gave me for my birthday and then enjoyed some coffee in the sun… by myself!!009

wednesday: bad pic because I was being sneaky… this is shane at the DOL, getting his picture taken for his DRIVER’S PERMIT!!! this is likely the 2nd happiest day of his life… the 1st happiest will happen in just under 1 year, and likely at the same location…017 (2)

thursday: how do you like my handyman installing my brand, spankin’ new toilet seat??? pretty exciting!019 (2)

friday: layla had something on her foot bugging her, so I had her soak it (them) in some warm salt water. apparently micah was not going to be left out…030

saturday: layla having fun in our summer downpour.2014-09-2719

also saturday: between thunderstorms and downpours, I attacked a very neglected area of our yard, and hauled out tons of weeds and blackberry bushes and all sorts of unpleasant foliage. I filled our yard waste can to the top and had at least that much left over that wouldn’t fit.043

and a couple of extras:

it’s always shocking to see toby downstairs voluntarily since the arrival of “the hairy menace” that wants nothing more than to eat him… yes, the dog was outside.

and, you might have a punk older brother if you find your frisbee stashed IN the bathroom skylight…011 (2)   020 


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