Monday, July 28, 2014

project life 2014: week 30

monday: saying goodbye to godfather nolan.011also monday: happy birthday to me!2014-09-28

tuesday: layla and micah got to go blueberry picking with a friend from down  the street. I’m pretty sure they should have weighed micah, not his bucket. blueberries may just be is favorite food, ever.055

wednesday: look mom! I’m mopping!2014-09-281

thursday: don’t you love it when a baked potato explodes all over the inside of your oven less than 1 hour before you are expecting guests, thus causing your whole house to smell like scorched potato? I sure do.002 (2)

friday: she asked if she could build a fort. I said no. this, apparently, is not a fort… it’s a “reading room”…005 (2)

saturday: can you see him? that’s toby, crouched on the second to bottom stair, having a stare-off with the dog.006

and a couple of extras: the cork-collector is my birthday gift from micah.052   003 (2)

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