Monday, July 7, 2014

project life 2014: week 27

sunday: bonez takes his job as the official crusty casserole dish cleaner VERY seriously.187

monday: the kids and I got invited to spend the day at wild waves with my dear friend, letitia, who was in town, and various other members of her family. our girls hit it off really well and made plans to be the best of pen-pals, just like their mothers used to be. 2014-07-244

tuesday: baby’s first oil change.204

wednesday: another day with letitia and fam. this time at juanita beach.2014-07-245

friday (for the next 3 photos): layla had made this cute decoration, but we didn’t wind up putting it up anywhere. we were heading out to spend the evening at susie and kevin’s house (where shane already was), and so she brought it with her. turns out, susie (who usually decorates a lot) hadn’t put up anything this year, and was happy to put up layla’s sign. (just pretend that each letter isn’t actually made of the french flag.)222

shane and dave lighting fireworks on the dock. cottage lake is the best free fireworks show you can get around here. it went on and on and on…224

I had to take photographic proof of this. one of MY kids actually FELL ASLEEP somewhere. (this picture is mostly for mary and her narcoleptic kids). granted, it was about 11pm, but STILL! he said he wanted to leave and I said he could go lay down on the couch if he was tired. he did. voluntarily. and FELL ASLEEP! my kids do not fall asleep. anywhere except their beds, when they have been put there. at bed time. it could be 4:00 in the morning after driving for hours through the most boring landscape in the world and they will. not. fall. asleep. 241

and some extras from the week…2014-07-246

and some extras from our trip to wild waves.2014-07-247

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