Monday, June 30, 2014

project life 2014: week 26

sunday: when dave’s company moved offices, they got rid of this foosball table. we got it. dave and shane went downtown in the van and loaded it up, but then shane went somewhere else and dave didn’t want to try and unload it by himself (I eventually got recruited). that did not quell micah’s excitement about it at all, and he proceeded to squeeze himself into the back of the van with it and “play” as best he could. we did eventually get it unloaded, and even more eventually, into the house. it now resides in the playroom.144

monday: first cookout of the summer! 157

wednesday: dave had his first cpl soccer game in the evening, but forgot to bring his shin guards with him in the car. so, good wife that I am, I put my children on a bus (don’t worry, I went too) downtown and brought them to him. the kids thought it was awesome to ride the bus into the city (I learned quickly that we spend WAY too much time out in the sticks – you know, because that’s where we live - as they kept shouting excitedly about every ‘city’ site they saw), see daddy’s new office, eat lunch at the waterfront red robin, get back on the bus (with a discretely stashed just-in-case barf bag for micah who was complaining about feeling too full and having a stomachache)*, and eventually getting off the bus right by the coolest toy store ever from which we purchased shrinky dinks and spent the rest of the afternoon coloring and shrinking. also, I am forever shaking my head over my children’s ideas about “matching”. one in head-to-toe red, the other in head-to-toe turquoise.2014-07-248

also wednesday: apparently micah has decided to start a dog school specifically for bonez. the things he wants to work on are “sit”, “shake”, and “speak”. his student is not particularly engaged, which I suppose is to be expected, since he already knows how to do all those things. layla, however, has other plans for tomorrow’s lesson. this one might prove more challenging, as this husky does not fetch.2014-07-2410

thursday: has anyone else heard the rumor that birkenstocks are back in style??? dug these out of my closet. many, many miles these have taken me. (they are approximately 22 years old and on their second set of soles!)176

friday: MRI day for layla. she was not particularly fond of having her IV put in or having to lie still for 45 minutes, but celebrating with a starbucks cake pop after made things better.182

saturday: dave took shane to find new cleats for the upcoming soccer season. came home with these eye-sores. 185

and a random skinny from downtown seattle.


* lisa, you can add “on a bus” to one of the top 3 slots of the rachel’s list of worst places to have a child throw up.

** incidentally, rachel, herself, once threw up “on a bus” as a young child, while riding downtown with my brother to meet my parents for dinner. my quick-thinking brother whipped my stocking cap off my head and held it under my face to catch.

*** ironically, the two things I remember being upset about upon getting off of the bus were 1) that my parents declared that we could not go out for dinner under the circumstances, and 2) he threw my hat in the first garbage can he found on the street.

**** it should be obvious by my lack of trauma mentioned in this post that micah did not, in fact, throw up on the bus (or anywhere else, for that matter). crisis avoided. phew!

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  1. Ohhhh, yeah...the bus! Agreed. Almost worse than a tent or a car because you are not in control of the puking place AND have other people (strangers) to contend with. Glad you escaped unscathed...and you are blogging again. :)



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