Monday, June 2, 2014

project life 2014: week 22

sunday: yes, it was raining. and a little cold. apparently layla was feeling a little bit dramatic about going outside.172

monday: what dave and I spent our exciting 3 day weekend doing…173

tuesday: it’s caterpillar season again!!!174

thursday: track meet for shane. this is the 100m and I’m pretty sure he won by at least a mile.177

friday: discovered a nest and some eggs in our poor, neglected spider plant out back. guess I’ll have to neglect it even more!185

saturday: the caterpillar family is growing! we now have one jar of “boys” and one of “girls”. how do you tell the difference? the boys are bigger and more hairy… makes sense to me.187

also saturday: the photoshoot I organized for MOMS Club as a fundraiser. and yes, I actually took advantage of it myself to get some new pics taken of my own kids.190

some signs of hope in the garden:

182   183

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