Monday, May 19, 2014

project life 2014: week 20

sunday: we have a new dog!!!!! meet bonez, the husky!009

tuesday: bonez meets toby, as depicted by micah… it did not go particularly well. there was a lot of chasing, a lot of yelling, a little bit of peeing, and just a little bit of almost getting eaten… micah thought it was funny. 032

wednesday: yup, it’s the pre-wash cycle.037

thursday: micah’s sandwich.039

also thursday: he was ‘exercising’ or ‘getting big muscles’ or something along those lines.044

friday: recital day!045

saturday: seattle mom prom was a blast with my MOMS Club friends.seattle mom prom-210

sipping champagne through a red vine. yum!


some extras of our beautiful boy.

010  022

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