Monday, May 5, 2014

project life 2014: week 18

sunday: a tradition dating back to my childhood. there’s an office park near our church that is (for lack of a better way to put it) built in the middle of a swamp. wetlands, may be a little classier. at any rate, there’s a slough surrounding it, and a lot of the parking lots are frequently flooded. BUT, it makes it a popular place for ducks and geese, and in the spring, you can always find babies! so after church, we went ‘sunday driving’ through the office park in search of ducklings, and were not disappointed. 035

also sunday: family outing to go mini-golfing. we had a blast. we all (well, maybe not dave and shane) totally sucked at it, but it was still fun. 2014-07-224

tuesday: school skate night at skate king. 2014-07-226

wednesday: rare spring heat wave meant we had to get out the sprinkler!128 (2)

also wednesday: toby, being a real cat. he was rolling around in the grass like crazy.157 (2)

friday: reading elephant and piggie books before school.173

saturday: my back’s out. more comfortable on the floor. which is messy. because my back is out.175

couple of skinnies:

1) costume day!!!!

2) april’s date night. we went out for mexican and I got the HUGEST margarita!

086 (2)  160 (2)

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