Sunday, April 13, 2014

project life 2014–week 15

sunday: on the way home from church… first of all, yes, we squeezed them all into the back of the kia. hey, it’s 20 miles to church! we gotta save gas! second, #1 kid is tired because he was out super-late at a bowling party. #2 kid is tired because she was at a slumber party. #3 kid is not tired, but thrilled to be stuck in the middle and used as a pillow.045

monday: sunny and 70? that means one thing to me! got the clothesline strung back up and hung 2014’s inaugural load to dry! happy dance, happy dance! I wanted to twirl, sound of music style, across my backyard in glee!052

tuesday: a little mishap earlier in the day caused us to need to take the computer desk out of shane’s room to replace the one in the office which was no longer functional… of course, this led to many ‘redecorating’ possibilities for shane. the wide open space in his room was soon filled with the papasan chair. he also had the sudden urge to use his computer (for the first time in many, many months, if not actually years, simply because it was no longer on a desk?? not sure about that.) but anyway, he rigged a table, of sorts, by setting a spare portion of the desk top (that we’re not using) on a bucket, which is then the perfect height for playing computer games while lounging in one’s papasan.056

wednesday: every now and then, my freezer winds up with too many bananas in it. that leads to banana bread.059

friday: out for dinner at red hook brewery. layla’s reaction to the high-powered hand dryers cracks me up.007

also friday: AND… micah lost a tooth while eating an oreo that comes with the kids meals!!! it was quite exciting slightly distressing, as there was the blood factor, and the food-in-the-mouth factor, and the no-place-to-swish-and-spit factor, and the wrapping-the-bloody-tooth-in-a-napkin-to-take-home factor. but all turned out well, and he was quite excited to put it under his pillow for the tooth fairy.012

saturday: dave made bacon burgers. bacon INSIDE the burgers. 003

and a couple of skinnies:

layla decided she wanted to learn to knit… doing quite well, actually! and… (yes, this is quite embarrassing) this is called a “plop”. “plopping” one’s hair after washing it is apparently a favored technique among curly-haired types… thought I’d give it a try. jury is still out on how I feel about the results.

049  014

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