Monday, April 7, 2014

project life 2014–week 14

sunday: a special baby shower brunch to honor a good friend and her soon-to-be baby boy!038

also sunday: dave and I went out to dinner at a new restaurant in town (well, newish… we hadn’t been there yet, so it was new to us) for our march date night. I felt a little silly ordering the vegetarian sandwich and having them add bacon… but it was delicious.041

monday: doing my AVP job and organized a supply drive to help out with relief efforts for the oso mudslide, just north of us. our MOMS club is awesome. I made the announcement on wednesday, gave them the list of what we needed on thursday, and had a full trunk-load of food, diapers, wipes, hygiene supplies, and paper products collected by sunday night. 043

wednesday: fun new game we have going on. it’s called “where will we find micah sleeping when we go to bed?” the previous night, we tucked him in in his own bed, but found him in ours when we tried to get in it. this time, it wasn’t so obvious. dave spotted the foot. not sure I would have even noticed! getting him out while asleep was interesting.022

thursday: sometimes, micah is less than excited to go outside and help my dad… unless there’s fire involved.023

friday: science fair at the elementary school. micah did a research report on clownfish habitats, and layla did her “is soda good for plants?” experiment. 2014-04-121saturday: trying out the “curly girl” look. after a comment from the stylist the last time I got my hair cut, and the encouragement of some curly haired friends, I decided to see what my hair would do if I actually let it be curly. I was pretty pleased with the result.041

a couple of skinnies:

micah feeding some ducks at the park, and the 8th grader older siblings of science fair participants, looking super-cool at their former elementary school.

008 035

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