Monday, April 28, 2014

project life 2014: week 17

sunday: easter! all decked out for church.040

monday: situations like this make me really miss having a dog.054

tuesday: micah’s turn for fillings. 056

thursday: apparently this was a good hairstyle. I got comment after comment, including from the 14 year old.002 

also thursday: I asked micah to clean up the thomas dominoes. this is how he chose to do it.016

friday: lunch time staring contest.021

saturday: micah’s friend: I’m not captain america, I’m MRS. america! LOL.025

and a couple of extra skinnies:

1) this container was full of blueberries. and then micah came home from school.

2) new scarf I found in the girls’ section in target. half the price! 048   006

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