Monday, April 21, 2014

project life 2014: week 16

it was spring break week around here, so that means, a trip to hawaii!

just kidding.

it meant lots of trips to the dentist

monday: layla, getting silly with the laughing gas before her first set of fillings.013

also monday: micah in the chair, getting his teeth cleaned. he would. not. stop. talking. he was seriously hilarious.014

tuesday: not sure how the subject came up, but layla and I were talking about friendship bracelets and she wanted me to teach her how to make them. I was very excited to share this. when I was younger, I went through embroidery floss and masking tape like it was going out of style. there was a permanent tape residue stripe on the dashboard of my mom’s car from me making bracelets all the way to and from the rink every day, and every road trip we ever took. SO much fun to share this with layla.008

also tuesday: “look at my cowboy hat!” …leftover pancakes: not just for eating.009

wednesday: it was back to the dentist for us. side #2 of fillings for layla, and a cleaning for shane. after, I treated layla to a milkshake at mcdonald’s (while her mouth was still numb), and everyone enjoyed a little time in the play place. yes, even shane. who proceeded to get stuck in it. so awesome.021

thursday: we were all heading south to kat and cole’s house, but we had to take two cars because we had a dryer to give to them for their new space at their church that will house their food and clothing bank, plus some shelter options, hopefully. also, many bags of clothing and shoe donations. so dave took the van with all that and micah and layla. shane and I took the kia. somehow the subject of cherry-flavor came up (I think it was in regards to chapstick, but that’s irrelevant) and we decided to take a little detour through puyallup and visit sonic for some cherry limeades! heck yeah!025

also thursday: hanging out at kat and cole’s before it was time to head to the church for food and clothes distribution and meal/bible study. little kids LOVE shane. 027

and a couple of skinnies: layla’s BIG filling and our friendship bracelet progress.018   011

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