Monday, April 28, 2014

project life 2014: week 17

sunday: easter! all decked out for church.040

monday: situations like this make me really miss having a dog.054

tuesday: micah’s turn for fillings. 056

thursday: apparently this was a good hairstyle. I got comment after comment, including from the 14 year old.002 

also thursday: I asked micah to clean up the thomas dominoes. this is how he chose to do it.016

friday: lunch time staring contest.021

saturday: micah’s friend: I’m not captain america, I’m MRS. america! LOL.025

and a couple of extra skinnies:

1) this container was full of blueberries. and then micah came home from school.

2) new scarf I found in the girls’ section in target. half the price! 048   006

Monday, April 21, 2014

project life 2014: week 16

it was spring break week around here, so that means, a trip to hawaii!

just kidding.

it meant lots of trips to the dentist

monday: layla, getting silly with the laughing gas before her first set of fillings.013

also monday: micah in the chair, getting his teeth cleaned. he would. not. stop. talking. he was seriously hilarious.014

tuesday: not sure how the subject came up, but layla and I were talking about friendship bracelets and she wanted me to teach her how to make them. I was very excited to share this. when I was younger, I went through embroidery floss and masking tape like it was going out of style. there was a permanent tape residue stripe on the dashboard of my mom’s car from me making bracelets all the way to and from the rink every day, and every road trip we ever took. SO much fun to share this with layla.008

also tuesday: “look at my cowboy hat!” …leftover pancakes: not just for eating.009

wednesday: it was back to the dentist for us. side #2 of fillings for layla, and a cleaning for shane. after, I treated layla to a milkshake at mcdonald’s (while her mouth was still numb), and everyone enjoyed a little time in the play place. yes, even shane. who proceeded to get stuck in it. so awesome.021

thursday: we were all heading south to kat and cole’s house, but we had to take two cars because we had a dryer to give to them for their new space at their church that will house their food and clothing bank, plus some shelter options, hopefully. also, many bags of clothing and shoe donations. so dave took the van with all that and micah and layla. shane and I took the kia. somehow the subject of cherry-flavor came up (I think it was in regards to chapstick, but that’s irrelevant) and we decided to take a little detour through puyallup and visit sonic for some cherry limeades! heck yeah!025

also thursday: hanging out at kat and cole’s before it was time to head to the church for food and clothes distribution and meal/bible study. little kids LOVE shane. 027

and a couple of skinnies: layla’s BIG filling and our friendship bracelet progress.018   011

Monday, April 14, 2014

one of two options here…

either I hit the jackpot…

or my parenting is an epic fail…

or maybe both.

2 of my 3 kids had to go to the dentist today. micah, for a cleaning and layla, to get some cavities filled. we’re going back on wednesday so shane can have a cleaning and layla can get more cavities filled.

and then micah gets to go back next tuesday.

to get one of about 4 million cavities filled.



so, I’m feeling like a total failure as a parent here.

in addition, I’m a little confused.

see, I’ve never had a cavity.

yes, I’m 37 years old, and I’ve never had a cavity. NEVER.

I also never needed braces and I still have all 4 of my wisdom teeth. I realize I’m a bit of a dental freak, here.

but I grew up knowing that I would be TOTALLY BUSTED if I went to the dentist and had a cavity. I don’t know why I knew this, other than apparently my mother did a good job of instilling a horrific fear of cavities in me, and I did my best to comply. I took for granted that if you brushed your teeth and didn’t eat a lot of candy, you wouldn’t get cavities.

that’s what she told me. that’s what I did. it worked.

and of course, the opposite is true of people who DO get cavities right?

the gargle mountain dew all day and keep a stash of jolly ranchers in their pockets at all times.

and they never brush. EVER.

and so… here I am, parent of the year, bringing my cavity-infested, lollipop-drooling children into to the dentist to get poked and prodded and drilled and all that.

I totally suck.

somebody call CPS, because clearly I’m not a fit mother.

but wait.

they DO brush. twice a day.

they get soda, MAYBE once a month, micah even less! any one of my children (or my husband) will tell you that I’m a total sugar nazi. we do not buy candy. ever. they get some at halloween and usually some shows up at christmas or valentine’s day, but not because I bought it. we almost never have dessert. we don’t even have juice!!

what. the. heck???

I felt totally humiliated today, as the hygienist who cleaned micah’s teeth said the words, “I don’t know if he’s getting a lot of pop or candy, or what…”

no! he doesn’t!


yeah. I feel awesome.

so layla got tortured today with an hour and a half long appointment that included a mini root canal. she was only amused by the laughing gas until it actually started. she was plenty numb, so nothing hurt, but keeping your mouth cranked open for that long is not super fun. the worst part of it all was that she had never been though this before, so she was terrified and didn’t know what to expect really. wednesday’s appointment should be much quicker and easier.


micah was awesome for his appointment, and chatted the ear off of his hygienist every time he didn’t have something in his mouth. he did give her a bit of a hard time about the pink sunglasses, but eventually agreed he could wear them as long as he didn’t have to keep them. he kept asking her when he got his toothbrush. it’s a good thing he had me laughing so hard, or I might have been crying instead.014

wednesday should be interesting.

all the reminding, nagging, etc. doesn’t seem to influence shane to brush… and he has a way of getting cookies, soda, whatever from friends and grandparents and hobos walking down the street… just kidding about the hobos.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

project life 2014–week 15

sunday: on the way home from church… first of all, yes, we squeezed them all into the back of the kia. hey, it’s 20 miles to church! we gotta save gas! second, #1 kid is tired because he was out super-late at a bowling party. #2 kid is tired because she was at a slumber party. #3 kid is not tired, but thrilled to be stuck in the middle and used as a pillow.045

monday: sunny and 70? that means one thing to me! got the clothesline strung back up and hung 2014’s inaugural load to dry! happy dance, happy dance! I wanted to twirl, sound of music style, across my backyard in glee!052

tuesday: a little mishap earlier in the day caused us to need to take the computer desk out of shane’s room to replace the one in the office which was no longer functional… of course, this led to many ‘redecorating’ possibilities for shane. the wide open space in his room was soon filled with the papasan chair. he also had the sudden urge to use his computer (for the first time in many, many months, if not actually years, simply because it was no longer on a desk?? not sure about that.) but anyway, he rigged a table, of sorts, by setting a spare portion of the desk top (that we’re not using) on a bucket, which is then the perfect height for playing computer games while lounging in one’s papasan.056

wednesday: every now and then, my freezer winds up with too many bananas in it. that leads to banana bread.059

friday: out for dinner at red hook brewery. layla’s reaction to the high-powered hand dryers cracks me up.007

also friday: AND… micah lost a tooth while eating an oreo that comes with the kids meals!!! it was quite exciting slightly distressing, as there was the blood factor, and the food-in-the-mouth factor, and the no-place-to-swish-and-spit factor, and the wrapping-the-bloody-tooth-in-a-napkin-to-take-home factor. but all turned out well, and he was quite excited to put it under his pillow for the tooth fairy.012

saturday: dave made bacon burgers. bacon INSIDE the burgers. 003

and a couple of skinnies:

layla decided she wanted to learn to knit… doing quite well, actually! and… (yes, this is quite embarrassing) this is called a “plop”. “plopping” one’s hair after washing it is apparently a favored technique among curly-haired types… thought I’d give it a try. jury is still out on how I feel about the results.

049  014

Monday, April 7, 2014

project life 2014–week 14

sunday: a special baby shower brunch to honor a good friend and her soon-to-be baby boy!038

also sunday: dave and I went out to dinner at a new restaurant in town (well, newish… we hadn’t been there yet, so it was new to us) for our march date night. I felt a little silly ordering the vegetarian sandwich and having them add bacon… but it was delicious.041

monday: doing my AVP job and organized a supply drive to help out with relief efforts for the oso mudslide, just north of us. our MOMS club is awesome. I made the announcement on wednesday, gave them the list of what we needed on thursday, and had a full trunk-load of food, diapers, wipes, hygiene supplies, and paper products collected by sunday night. 043

wednesday: fun new game we have going on. it’s called “where will we find micah sleeping when we go to bed?” the previous night, we tucked him in in his own bed, but found him in ours when we tried to get in it. this time, it wasn’t so obvious. dave spotted the foot. not sure I would have even noticed! getting him out while asleep was interesting.022

thursday: sometimes, micah is less than excited to go outside and help my dad… unless there’s fire involved.023

friday: science fair at the elementary school. micah did a research report on clownfish habitats, and layla did her “is soda good for plants?” experiment. 2014-04-121saturday: trying out the “curly girl” look. after a comment from the stylist the last time I got my hair cut, and the encouragement of some curly haired friends, I decided to see what my hair would do if I actually let it be curly. I was pretty pleased with the result.041

a couple of skinnies:

micah feeding some ducks at the park, and the 8th grader older siblings of science fair participants, looking super-cool at their former elementary school.

008 035


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