Sunday, March 2, 2014

project life 2014–week 9

sunday: we all went to see the lego movie. it was great. except for the part where micah freaked out and dave had to take him outside and miss the last half hour of the movie…105

monday: this cat is as good a plate cleaner as any dog.106

wednesday: dave and layla played hooky and went to portland to see uncle eric and the nets vx. trailblazers game. they rented this tiny pink car for the trip while the toyota was being looked at. layla was ecstatic about it!001

also wednesday: band concert for shane. 007

thursday: this is micah’s favorite of shane’s friends who ride in the football carpool. he was playing some intense leapster star wars and we all found it hilarious.


friday: a sunny spot on the porch to do some reading. why does it give me such joy to see one of my children turning into me? 028

saturday: BIG NEWS!!!! we bought a new car! goodbye to the 91 toyota corolla and hello to the 2014 kia forte!!029

and a big collage of extra pics from the week.


week 9 spread:025

left side/first half of the week:027

right side/second half of the week:029

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