Monday, March 31, 2014

project life 2014–week 13

sunday: it was a dry, sunny day! so micah rode his bike, had himself a picnic, and then built a nest and sat on his eggs… okay, he took a blanket, formed a nest, filled it up with yellow tinkertoys (they are roundish shaped), and pretended they were eggs.004

monday: better known as “mustache monday”! it was a theme day at school and these guys were SO excited about it! 006

also monday: another gorgeous day meant an afterschool picnic in the front yard (it stays out of the shade longer than the backyard).010

also also monday: another pair of sunglasses I DON’T hate, busted. I have this one pair that I despise. they are uncomfortable, the lenses are scratched, they are ugly. THEY WILL NOT DIE. I’ve had them for years now. YEARS! for me, keeping track of a pair of sunglasses for longer than one season is a record. (which, btw, is why I’ve never paid more than $15 for a pair. and that’s a splurge!) I cannot break them and I cannot lose them. sometimes they disappear for a while, and I do a happy dance and then replace them. and then they show up again. and then I break the ones I bought to replace them… I am seriously cursed.012

wednesday: progress on layla’s experiment for the science fair.023

friday: we’ve had crazy downpours a lot this spring, but this is the first one of these I’ve seen!029

saturday: since dave’s finally done with his office move and CU-RAZY hours, he’s actually home during the kids’ waking hours and shaggy micah got a haircut. I was so desperate that I was going to take him to a shop and pay for a cut, but he was quite distraught about that and wanted daddy to do it. (haircuts are NOT his favorite.)030

and one little skinny of toby, getting to be a real cat, and explore the front yard on a nice day. he is constantly trying to escape lately.


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