Sunday, March 23, 2014

project life 2014–week 12

sunday: dave had to spend the day at work (again), and has been really wanting to hit varlamos lately, so we met him over there for dinner. YUM. major oinkage.2014-03-23

monday: micah entertained himself with my mom’s special edition monopoly game for close to 2 hours. 057

also monday: apparently toby does not think this would be a good time to take pictures of last week’s layouts…062

thursday: micah woke up super early and took full advantage of some (rare these days) daddy time! he was very excited to have breakfast with him.010

also thursday: and shortly after that, my non-early riser, layla, was up too! no idea why they woke up so early that day, but they were all very happy to cuddle up together.012

saturday: layla and her giggly girl friends having breakfast at camp lutherwood! 023

meanwhile, back at home on saturday: this is one of many reasons I love my dad. he’s outside working in the yard and micah got sent out to help him (ie, get some fresh air and quit whining about using my phone), so my dad gives him a SAW!, and a job to cut off some low tree limbs. love it.036

a couple of skinnies:

018   031

and the rest of these will go into an insert. I was quite picture-happy this week!

003  007

this is what it looks like under layla’s pillow. always. looks like I cursed her with my book ADD. 014

jazz festival at WHS. high school jazz ensemble, band, and combo, plus jazz bands from 2 junior highs, AND performance by the teachers. AWESOME. even though shane is planning to be done with band after this year, he is already planning to attend this concert next year, just to hear the teachers play again. 017

yeah, he’s 14, but putting shane on a city bus still freaks me out a little.022

love. just love.029021  026

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