Sunday, March 16, 2014

project life 2014–week 11

sunday: stayed home from church with 2 coughing/sneezing kids. got to play a rousing game of headbanz with a cat cemented to me instead.046

monday: I took this out my parents’ kitchen window. I was doing some cleaning there and my dad went outside to do some yardwork. suddenly it started DUMPIMG hail. typical of my dad, he kept right on working, whilst hiding under the trees.002

tuesday: getting started on layla’s science fair project. this is her grand plan. two pots of lettuce seeds. one will be watered with water, the other with sprite. we’ll see if there’s a difference.012

wednesday: driving between the upper and lower totem lake malls… both sides of the street are lined with thunderclouds and they are in bloom right now! so pretty! I used to drive this route home from work every day about 7 years ago, and always try to make an excuse to go back around this time of year because it’s so awesome.015

also wednesday: hello spring!


which of course meant:019

thursday: we had some time between dropping the big boys off at football workout and when layla got done with her after school newspaper meeting, so micah and I went to the park. as usual, his favorite thing to do there is throw rocks into the lake… they will either need to dredge the bottom or bring in a load of new rocks if we make too many more trips there.


and don’t mind the little crack peaking out… this kid has no butt with which to keep his pants where they belong.033

saturday: they sprouted!038

and I have a bunch of extras, mostly skinnies that I will be using in an insert this week:030 043026 027036 003005

loving the free carwashes that came as a perk of buying our new car!008

micah “decorated” for st. patrick’s day.


shots of the actual pages:

the spread:073

left side/first half of the week (shane wasn’t home yet when I took this picture, but he has since added his name to the top speech bubble. I never know what to do with those.):077

right side/latter half of the week:081

and both sides of the insert (design F with the outer column cut off):082    085

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