Saturday, March 15, 2014

layla’s project life!

I am very excited to announce that my daughter has caught the bug! the project life bug! she received a kit (mayfield childhood edition) and an album for her birthday from uncle joe and aunt mary, and has been begging me and begging me for months to order her some pictures to get it going. well, that’s easier said than done, since it involves backtracking and choosing photos from the past, figuring out how they will lay out in the book, etc. etc. (it is SO much easier to print and complete pages in real time! seriously. major motivation to keep up in my own current album!) layla has chosen to start with her 7 year old/second grade year. it is incredibly convenient that her birthday is in the summer, so it falls neatly between two school years. this is like a soothing massage with calamine lotion for chronology obsessed rachel.

so I finally got some pictures organized and ready to be printed, then waited for a good deal. shutterfly came through, and I got them ordered.

she was SO excited to get started when they arrived.025

I got her pictures all organized in order, and kind of explained how the system was going to work and she got busy right away.027

I put a month’s worth of pictures into the book to get her started, she chose cards and did all the journaling. 038

it has been so fun, watching her get comfortable with it and give it her own style. 005006007008

at first, I was a little alarmed by all her little doodles and stuff… but just because it would never EVER occur to me to do that. but then again, I’m not layla. I fill every square millimeter of my cards with words, because that’s just me. layla, from the time she could hold a pencil has been a drawer and a doodler. this is so her and I LOVE it.

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