Monday, February 24, 2014

project life 2014–week 8

sunday: after church, we tried to have brunch at the maltby café, but it was over an hour wait for a table, so we wound up at denny’s instead. of course, I had to put the cream in my coffee the proper way… perfected in high school. only once has this turned out badly for me… or rather, for the person sitting across from me.2014-02-261

monday: shane finally decided to pull his big bin of legos out from under his bed and make them community property. awesome timing, as the kids all had a week off of school. 001

wednesday: I had to go to the mall to buy some new shoes for aerobics. I bribed the kids to go with me by promising them something from the food court. layla got a pretzel, micah got a blizzard, and shane and I both got orange julius. there is something about an orange julius (strawberry, actually) while at the mall that just feels right.006

thursday: operation clean off the counter in the laundry room! I found the surface of the counter! that’s a big deal. and sorted through all the stuff we’d saved from layla’s 1st and 2nd grade years. lots and lots of stuff got recycled. 2014-02-262

also thursday: shane and a friend went snowboarding. it has been dumping for over a week up there. crazy amounts of new snow, and it snowed the whole time they were up there, too. he had pretty much the best time ever.014

friday: finally getting layla started on her very own project life album! she is so excited. her pictures arrived in the mail from shutterfly and I got them all sorted out for her. she’s starting with her 2nd grade year, beginning at her 7th birthday. watching her get some much joy out of this process makes me sooooo very happy!!!027

saturday: shane is quite predictable in his interests. cars, trucks, and farm equipment… this cracked me up. I walked past him and peaked over his shoulder… “um. why are you shopping for combines?”034

a couple skinnies:

layla got about 4 inches whacked off her hair on friday, followed by lunch at panera. I thought this was a good plan until micah’s mac and cheese arived and it was the wrong color. OMG. end of the world. I wound up bringing it home and dave ate it for dinner. that kid.

019 022

and a big collage of extras from the week.2014-02-264

book shots: I’m hoping to convince shane to fill in the card for the snowy pic he took while snowboarding.025026

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