Monday, February 3, 2014

project life 2014 week 5

sunday: micah had a birthday party for a classmate to attend at the bowling alley. the other kids wanted to go and my dad loves bowling, so I let him take them.2014-01-252

monday: layla, diligently circling everything she wants in the latest AG catalog… in other words, everything.010

tuesday: killing some time at petco. they had 2 cages with a ton of mice in them. they were hilarious to watch.023

wednesday: some early morning tickles from daddy before he headed off to work. this makes micah very sad. (the leaving, not the tickling.)029

thursday: finally checking out the new exploring garden at the library.2014-01-253

friday: I got to follow this all the way down paradise lake road. a trailer full of steaming manure. it was awesome.044

saturday: as usual, micah is quite excited about pasta.049

a big collage of extras.2014-01-254

book shots:019020

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