Monday, January 20, 2014

project life 2014 week 3

monday: every time I get out of the shower, this cat is waiting for me, so he can get in and lick up the water off the floor of the shower. it’s his favorite way to get a drink. cats are weird.039

tuesday: this cracked me up. had micah at the grocery store with me and he spots the produce scale. so of course, he wanted to weigh something. he went for his little donkey kong lego toy that he had with him.046

tuesday: this is my parents’ cat, beatrice. she is small and feisty, and has the prettiest eyes ever. she’s not so fond of it when I come over to make up beds, and usually finds herself made into one because she refuses to move.054

wednesday: layla has been very interested in all things domestic lately, and really wants to learn how to cook. so I told her she could start helping me make dinner. this night, it was homemade, cheesy mac & cheese with ham and peas & carrots. she did almost all of it herself. from boiling the noodles, to cutting the cheese (yes, I did just say that), mixing up the sauce, peeling and cutting the carrots, and even putting the casserole in the oven and setting the timer. 056

thursday: I was in such desperate need of a haircut, it wasn’t even funny, so I made an appointment with a stranger at a salon and went for it. decided to get some bangs this time. so far, I’m a fan. we’ll see if it lasts.059

friday: big butt tv removal. the tv in our family room is HUGE!! it’s like the t-rex of old dinosaur tv’s. when we bought this house, the former owners asked us if they could leave it. now we know why they didn’t want to move it. it is currently STILL sitting on the floor right about where I’m standing in this picture. because we have no idea where we’re going to put it now, or how we’re going to get it there. other things of not in this picture… I’m really short.007

friday: today’s round of “where’s micah?” when I went to bed, I noticed that micah’s bedroom light was still on and he wasn’t in his bed. asked dave where he was and he pointed to the floor in the hall, just outside his bedroom. and there he was, asleep in a pop-up play tent. he was really mad in the morning when he woke up in his bed.2014-01-202

saturday: first of all, I’m ashamed to admit that these are the ONLY two pictures I have from our totally fun, overnight date in downtown seattle. we ditched the kids (thanks, amy!), got a hotel for the night, went to dave’s company party at the garage, ate yummy food, bowled with exceptional mediocrity, and drank a lot because they kept giving us drink tickets since neither of us had to drive home! somehow, in the process, it didn’t occur to me to take any pictures. what I did manage to come up with was a shot of the size 15 bowling shoes that I shoved MY size 6’s INTO, and bowled a whole frame in. yes, I threw two gutter balls, yes they were like clown shoes, and yes, it was really funny. the other pic is this bug we saw parked on our walk back home with a taxi sign on top that says “not a taxi”. apparently THAT was memorable. 2014-01-201

and I have a big collage of pics from our lunch meet-up earlier in the day (late christmas celebration) at the spaghetti factory with my parents and auntie marge.2014-01-20

book shots:015016

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