Monday, January 27, 2014

project life 2014 week 4

sunday: one night, our neighbor knocked on our door and brought us this bike, which he had found in front of his mailbox, thinking it was ours. it’s not. so I sat it in front of the house for awhile, hoping the owner would claim it. took a pic and sent it to a couple of neighborhood friends to see if they recognized it. they didn’t. dave took it and asked a couple of other neighbors if it was theirs. it wasn’t. and then one morning, we saw it in a ditch down the road. at that point, I had 2 other neighbors alert me to this fact, thinking the bike was ours. eventually it completely disappeared. no clue whose it is.001

monday: no school for MLK day. at some point in the day, we were coming back from somewhere and layla and micah were majorly fighting in the car. so I sent them to their rooms when we got home. layla used the time to compose an apology letter to micah, which she then read to him. they chatted and worked it out. then they explained it to me and asked if they could come downstairs yet.002

tuesday: holy cow! we had something ‘new’ for dinner, and micah, not only tried it, but LOVED it! smoked sausage for the win!014

wednesday: layla has been begging me to teach her to play scrabble lately. she did really well at first, but got a little frustrated later in the game when options are more limited by letters on the board, but she had fun and it was a great game for her first time.022

thursday: sitting on the treadmill, eating cheetos. they have to cancel each other out then, right? 025

friday: MOMS Club board meeting. just 5 of us, but fun and mostly productive. (we hid our wine glasses for the pic because dave accused me of making up the ‘board meeting’ part for an excuse to go out and drink wine with my friends. haha.)2014-01-25

saturday: love a non-rainy, non-frigid weekend day! I finally got some of my ‘fall’ yard clean up done. lots of pruning and raking.035

and a few extras to stick in small slots.

028 036

book shots:017018

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