Monday, January 13, 2014

project life 2014 week 2

sunday: up early to leave for home. had to drag layla and micah off of their respective couches and onto gramma laurie’s lap for some morning snuggles while we loaded up the car. layla was sleepy and didn’t want to wake up. micah was sad and didn’t want to say goodbye. 078

monday: this happened. eek!IMAG0239

tuesday: fighting valiantly to not get sick.  I was not successful. 2014-01-096

wednesday: now that we’re back home and mostly recovered from our trip, it’s time to start undecorating the house. putting up the decorations is so much more fun. the pile grows. eventually I did get it all put away in boxes in the attic. it was a slow process.


thursday: just the general chaos of a well-attended MOMS Club business meeting… nobody wanted to sit by me because I was sick. 003

friday: taking down our christmas tree is no joke. we have so many ornaments. that red bin with the green lid two pictures up? ^^ that gets filled with ornaments. ONLY ornaments. FILLED. I took them all off, took down the lights and the tree and put them all away… then I told dave he got to do the ornaments! 2014-01-17

saturday: I love this. I was catching my books up and micah was just browsing through the last year.008

book shots:013014

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