Monday, January 6, 2014

project life 2014 week 1

this week is a little odd, as the year started on a wednesday. I didn’t have any trouble filling in the extra photo pockets, though.

wednesday: a trip to EG wouldn’t be complete without a visit to feickert park.038

while at the park, dave and shane were throwing the football around, doing fun stuff like trying to throw it into various slides and such… and then dave threw it into a tree. high in a tree… the new football that shane just got for christmas… and then I had a heart attack…


thursday: since laurie was sick on the 1st, we celebrated dave’s birthday on wednesday instead.064

friday: dave and shane got the opportunity to go shoot some guns with nolan. a friend of his ad all sorts of different ones. apparently they (the adults, not shane) had to ‘empty’ some beer cans first so they had something to shoot at.2014-01-091

also friday: for the last year, micah has been talking about this ‘happy birthday’ shirt he wants to get for his dog carper. it had resurfaced with a vengeance lately, as he’s aware that carper’s actual birthday was coming up. the day before, we tried, in vain, to go to the build-a-bear store where carper was created to get him his shirt. well, the store was no longer there. SO, gramma laurie found us another mall that had a store that was on the way to the bay area where we were heading. so we stopped, found the store, found the shirt, and then…… micah spotted the 49ers football outfit. he went into complete meltdown mode at this point, and, needless to say, carper STILL does not have a happy birthday shirt. (and bella got a fancy party dress.)2014-01-092

saturday: shane had been fighting a sore throat and some general cold symptoms for about 24 hours. I was a little concerned because laurie (and madeline, before her) had had a positive strep test. I was hoping to get away with not having to make an ER visit, since we were out of state. that hope went out the window in the middle of the night when shane woke me up because his ear was killing him, along with his throat. this kid was in serious pain. and then the ear started making popping sounds, he couldn’t hear anything, and it started oozing. it was a VERY long night. at any rate, we found ourselves in the ER, surrounded by a waiting room full of people wearing masks and/or holding vomit receptacles. it was my worst nightmare. he was finally seen, diagnosed with strep and an ear infection, and given a gigantic shot in the butt of penicillin. totally awesome.075

saturday evening: leaving the next morning, so getting in some last minute snuggles with papa.077

and gramma teaching layla how to do counted cross stitch.IMAG0231

the book shots:010011012

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