Tuesday, December 31, 2013

PL 2013 bonus week

so, if you know anything about me, you know I get stuck on chronology. like seriously stuck. things MUST go in order.

so, at any rate, week 52 of 2013 left me with 3 remaining days in the year. what to do with them? do I just put them in the start of my 2014 book? AAAAGGGHHHHH!!!!! no. I just couldn’t handle that. I need my year all neatly tied up with a bow, ALL in the same book.

and so I made an extra week.

well, almost.

I have 2 empty slots that I’m hoping to fill with some pics that my MIL took.

saturday: yes, I know. another thing that drives me crazy. but I had this photo from saturday night and no place to put it, and I needed to fill slots, so here it is. my burger, the ‘captain neon’ and cajun tots, from our dinner out with kat and cole in centralia. it was SOOO good. I’ve been fantasizing about going back and having it again ever since.011

sunday: somewhere in southern oregon or northern california, on I-5. it was a pretty easy trip, other than the spilled ice cream in the car…020

monday: we were at gramma and papa’s house, and micah was convinced that means swimming. dave finally made him go put his feet in the water to see how it felt. he still wanted to swim because apparently, he “likes cold water”… not happening. also interesting, he refused to step where the sun was shining because he was afraid he’d burn his feet. LOL. there wasn’t much chance of that happening.021

tuesday: we had our ‘christmas morning’ and opened presents. my gift from dave was down there waiting for me. this awesome LONG, down, ‘soccer mom’ coat. I love it!!! sadly, it was too warm to wear it.2014-01-093

also tuesday: a little odd, but for some reason, I decided to flip my part. for the first time ever. no really. 024

hoping for a couple more, but that’s 2013!

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