Monday, January 27, 2014

project life 2014 week 4

sunday: one night, our neighbor knocked on our door and brought us this bike, which he had found in front of his mailbox, thinking it was ours. it’s not. so I sat it in front of the house for awhile, hoping the owner would claim it. took a pic and sent it to a couple of neighborhood friends to see if they recognized it. they didn’t. dave took it and asked a couple of other neighbors if it was theirs. it wasn’t. and then one morning, we saw it in a ditch down the road. at that point, I had 2 other neighbors alert me to this fact, thinking the bike was ours. eventually it completely disappeared. no clue whose it is.001

monday: no school for MLK day. at some point in the day, we were coming back from somewhere and layla and micah were majorly fighting in the car. so I sent them to their rooms when we got home. layla used the time to compose an apology letter to micah, which she then read to him. they chatted and worked it out. then they explained it to me and asked if they could come downstairs yet.002

tuesday: holy cow! we had something ‘new’ for dinner, and micah, not only tried it, but LOVED it! smoked sausage for the win!014

wednesday: layla has been begging me to teach her to play scrabble lately. she did really well at first, but got a little frustrated later in the game when options are more limited by letters on the board, but she had fun and it was a great game for her first time.022

thursday: sitting on the treadmill, eating cheetos. they have to cancel each other out then, right? 025

friday: MOMS Club board meeting. just 5 of us, but fun and mostly productive. (we hid our wine glasses for the pic because dave accused me of making up the ‘board meeting’ part for an excuse to go out and drink wine with my friends. haha.)2014-01-25

saturday: love a non-rainy, non-frigid weekend day! I finally got some of my ‘fall’ yard clean up done. lots of pruning and raking.035

and a few extras to stick in small slots.

028 036

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

a open, bullet-point letter to sports fans and participants everywhere

just a few thoughts I’ve had on the subject of sports recently. between skating and football, I’m a little bit disillusioned by sports and people’s reaction to them.

  • it takes two teams to play a football game. (or any other competitive sport, for that matter.) without the other team, you have nothing to play. the other team is just that: the other team. they are not the enemy. they are not the “bad guys”. they are not the spawn of the devil. they are the other team.
  • as the other team, they do their job, you do yours. train. play hard. do your best. make every possible, allowable effort to win the game. this is the responsibility of both teams. and what makes for a good, competitive game.
  • it is lots of fun to support your team, especially when they are winning. being a fan is awesome. okay ways to express this would be to buy jerseys, wave flags, go to games, cheer your team on, put stickers on your car, etc.
  • not okay ways to express this would be to personally insult players from the opposing team, personally insult fans of the opposing team, to use derogatory terms to describe fans or players from the opposing team, to throw food at injured players from the opposing team, etc. I thought this should be part of the common code of conduct for civilized human beings, but I’ve been proven wrong in recent weeks.
  • when your team (or favorite competitor – for individual sports) wins, celebrate! enjoy the win, but in a gracious way.
  • when your team (or favorite) loses, be gracious about that as well. do not express your disappointment with anger or insults.
  • back story: when I was in college, I made an uncharacteristic decision and joined a sorority. one of the ‘rules’ of the sorority, was that members were not to drink, smoke, or do things while wearing their letters that would reflect badly on the sorority. while my 18 year old, generation X, rebellious self found the existence of those constraints to be annoying at the time, I can see the wisdom behind it.
  • the point: when wearing team colors, YOU speak for the team. the second you put on that jersey and step on the field, YOU no longer represent only yourself and where you come from. you represent the team, the organization, and the city that supports you. with your words AND your actions.
  • when kids play sports, they are taught a lot of things. one of those things is the rules of the game and strategies for playing it well. another of those things is good sportsmanship. during the game, they are encouraged to play fairly and nicely. at the end of the game, they are encouraged, if not required, to do a cheer for the OTHER team, shake hands or high five and say “good game” to their opponents. and then they have snacks.
  • they are not encouraged to taunt the other team. they are also not encouraged to use expletives as they celebrate their victory or bemoan their defeat.
  • winning AND losing both happen in sports, and learning to be a good sport under both circumstances is important.
  • perhaps our youth sports programs need to revisit this idea and emphasize it a little bit more.
  • spectators of youth sports are required to exhibit good sportsmanship as well. they are not allowed to heckle, yell at, or insult the other team’s players, coaches, or the officials of the game.
  • and finally, keep in mind that it is a sport. it is not a war. whether it is little league, the olympics, or the super bowl. it is a sport, played by people. people with friends and families and goals they have fought hard to achieve. whether they are on your team or play for your country, or not, they deserve your respect as athletes and as human beings.

Monday, January 20, 2014

project life 2014 week 3

monday: every time I get out of the shower, this cat is waiting for me, so he can get in and lick up the water off the floor of the shower. it’s his favorite way to get a drink. cats are weird.039

tuesday: this cracked me up. had micah at the grocery store with me and he spots the produce scale. so of course, he wanted to weigh something. he went for his little donkey kong lego toy that he had with him.046

tuesday: this is my parents’ cat, beatrice. she is small and feisty, and has the prettiest eyes ever. she’s not so fond of it when I come over to make up beds, and usually finds herself made into one because she refuses to move.054

wednesday: layla has been very interested in all things domestic lately, and really wants to learn how to cook. so I told her she could start helping me make dinner. this night, it was homemade, cheesy mac & cheese with ham and peas & carrots. she did almost all of it herself. from boiling the noodles, to cutting the cheese (yes, I did just say that), mixing up the sauce, peeling and cutting the carrots, and even putting the casserole in the oven and setting the timer. 056

thursday: I was in such desperate need of a haircut, it wasn’t even funny, so I made an appointment with a stranger at a salon and went for it. decided to get some bangs this time. so far, I’m a fan. we’ll see if it lasts.059

friday: big butt tv removal. the tv in our family room is HUGE!! it’s like the t-rex of old dinosaur tv’s. when we bought this house, the former owners asked us if they could leave it. now we know why they didn’t want to move it. it is currently STILL sitting on the floor right about where I’m standing in this picture. because we have no idea where we’re going to put it now, or how we’re going to get it there. other things of not in this picture… I’m really short.007

friday: today’s round of “where’s micah?” when I went to bed, I noticed that micah’s bedroom light was still on and he wasn’t in his bed. asked dave where he was and he pointed to the floor in the hall, just outside his bedroom. and there he was, asleep in a pop-up play tent. he was really mad in the morning when he woke up in his bed.2014-01-202

saturday: first of all, I’m ashamed to admit that these are the ONLY two pictures I have from our totally fun, overnight date in downtown seattle. we ditched the kids (thanks, amy!), got a hotel for the night, went to dave’s company party at the garage, ate yummy food, bowled with exceptional mediocrity, and drank a lot because they kept giving us drink tickets since neither of us had to drive home! somehow, in the process, it didn’t occur to me to take any pictures. what I did manage to come up with was a shot of the size 15 bowling shoes that I shoved MY size 6’s INTO, and bowled a whole frame in. yes, I threw two gutter balls, yes they were like clown shoes, and yes, it was really funny. the other pic is this bug we saw parked on our walk back home with a taxi sign on top that says “not a taxi”. apparently THAT was memorable. 2014-01-201

and I have a big collage of pics from our lunch meet-up earlier in the day (late christmas celebration) at the spaghetti factory with my parents and auntie marge.2014-01-20

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Monday, January 13, 2014

project life 2014 week 2

sunday: up early to leave for home. had to drag layla and micah off of their respective couches and onto gramma laurie’s lap for some morning snuggles while we loaded up the car. layla was sleepy and didn’t want to wake up. micah was sad and didn’t want to say goodbye. 078

monday: this happened. eek!IMAG0239

tuesday: fighting valiantly to not get sick.  I was not successful. 2014-01-096

wednesday: now that we’re back home and mostly recovered from our trip, it’s time to start undecorating the house. putting up the decorations is so much more fun. the pile grows. eventually I did get it all put away in boxes in the attic. it was a slow process.


thursday: just the general chaos of a well-attended MOMS Club business meeting… nobody wanted to sit by me because I was sick. 003

friday: taking down our christmas tree is no joke. we have so many ornaments. that red bin with the green lid two pictures up? ^^ that gets filled with ornaments. ONLY ornaments. FILLED. I took them all off, took down the lights and the tree and put them all away… then I told dave he got to do the ornaments! 2014-01-17

saturday: I love this. I was catching my books up and micah was just browsing through the last year.008

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Monday, January 6, 2014

project life 2014 week 1

this week is a little odd, as the year started on a wednesday. I didn’t have any trouble filling in the extra photo pockets, though.

wednesday: a trip to EG wouldn’t be complete without a visit to feickert park.038

while at the park, dave and shane were throwing the football around, doing fun stuff like trying to throw it into various slides and such… and then dave threw it into a tree. high in a tree… the new football that shane just got for christmas… and then I had a heart attack…


thursday: since laurie was sick on the 1st, we celebrated dave’s birthday on wednesday instead.064

friday: dave and shane got the opportunity to go shoot some guns with nolan. a friend of his ad all sorts of different ones. apparently they (the adults, not shane) had to ‘empty’ some beer cans first so they had something to shoot at.2014-01-091

also friday: for the last year, micah has been talking about this ‘happy birthday’ shirt he wants to get for his dog carper. it had resurfaced with a vengeance lately, as he’s aware that carper’s actual birthday was coming up. the day before, we tried, in vain, to go to the build-a-bear store where carper was created to get him his shirt. well, the store was no longer there. SO, gramma laurie found us another mall that had a store that was on the way to the bay area where we were heading. so we stopped, found the store, found the shirt, and then…… micah spotted the 49ers football outfit. he went into complete meltdown mode at this point, and, needless to say, carper STILL does not have a happy birthday shirt. (and bella got a fancy party dress.)2014-01-092

saturday: shane had been fighting a sore throat and some general cold symptoms for about 24 hours. I was a little concerned because laurie (and madeline, before her) had had a positive strep test. I was hoping to get away with not having to make an ER visit, since we were out of state. that hope went out the window in the middle of the night when shane woke me up because his ear was killing him, along with his throat. this kid was in serious pain. and then the ear started making popping sounds, he couldn’t hear anything, and it started oozing. it was a VERY long night. at any rate, we found ourselves in the ER, surrounded by a waiting room full of people wearing masks and/or holding vomit receptacles. it was my worst nightmare. he was finally seen, diagnosed with strep and an ear infection, and given a gigantic shot in the butt of penicillin. totally awesome.075

saturday evening: leaving the next morning, so getting in some last minute snuggles with papa.077

and gramma teaching layla how to do counted cross stitch.IMAG0231

the book shots:010011012


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