Monday, October 6, 2014

project life 2014: week 40

monday: layla laminates for the first time…002

tuesday: BOOM! my book is caught up.005

also tuesday: I love the way dogs hold thing with their paws.018

wednesday: walk on the beach with these lovely ladies who I work with. could not ask for better colleagues.020

thursday: the view from our hotel for the conference. not bad at all.024

saturday: selling popcorn outside the albertsons for cub scouts.032

also saturday: playing qwirkle with these weirdos.036

a couple of skinnies, both from the teachers conference. yes, I still doodle that. even on paper tablecloths at restaurants…

023   029

Saturday, September 27, 2014

project life 2014: week 39

kind of slacking in the picture taking department, but this is what we have…

tuesday: a completely befuddling trip to the grocery store revealed that tillamook (my favorite cheese ever. EVER.) has CHANGED it’s label!!! This is NOT okay! I can’t believe they didn’t ask me!039

same trip. egg nog. september 23rd. 040

wednesday: while waiting for layla at choir practice, I busied myself with, what else, work. 047

thursday: happy fall! TJ’s has spiced cider in stock! hooray!050

friday: every day, this is micah’s face, plastered to the bus window when it brings him home. makes me smile.055

also friday: taking some silly selfies with my girl. 061

saturday: around here, apparently ping pong balls are just too small…090

and some extras: it seems “crocky” has seen the classroom vets. and teaching layla how to iron.

053    086 

Monday, September 22, 2014

project life 2014: week 38

sunday: dave and I observed the “heathen coffee hour” (while the kids were in sunday school) in honor of trudy’s birthday.

and, a lovely picture layla took, looking straight up while lying in the instabench at her soccer game that afternoon.

049    057

also sunday: it seems that micah is now a cub scout!061062

thursday?: attempting (unsuccessfully) to teach bonez how to use the treadmill. at least it was funny.045

friday: layla and micah finishing off the sunflower I had the kids working on in class this week. using tweezers to pull the seeds out is a great fine motor skill activity, and now we have lots of seeds to plant our own giant sunflowers next year.019023

saturday: I got to witness the wedding of my dear friend, brenda.025

Monday, September 15, 2014

project life 2014: week 37

sunday: walked out of my garage to this sight! WOW! I have a slight obsession with these balloons. 034

also sunday: happy birthday to the best dad! lemon meringue pie for him!058

tuesday: playing some bananagrams with this little boy.002

and then he decided he wanted to have a drink of water… out of one of our fanciest glasses.004

wednesday: following curriculum night at shane’s school, we found ourselves in a parade of cars leaving the school, including a brand new maserati… yup. 031

friday: fun discovery, layla is a disco ball!040

saturday: I am not ashamed to admit that I took my kid’s happy meal toy so I could ensure proper numbering. go kap!044

and a fun little selfie I found after layla had been texting with her friend. this is how it is in 4th grade now, folks. “mom, will you text lois’ mom and ask if she can text with me?”051

Monday, September 8, 2014

project life 2014: week 36

monday: 3 generations sitting together and cutting out laminating. epic moment. 1 retired teacher, 1 current, and 1 who has an interest in teaching when she grows up. If she does, she’ll be a 4th generation teacher.166

tuesday: so… we got a little bit of rain. 176

wednesday: 1st day of 9th grade for shane.178

also wednesday: my ‘briefcase’.179

thursday: first day of 1st and 4th grade.2014-09-274

it’s my first day of school, too!001

also thursday: micah’s dreams, coming true right there. he got to ride the bus home! FINALLY.014

saturday: soccer season is underway. 2 games down, and one tomorrow. finishing off with some TCBY.033

and a couple of extras: first, the most awesome shirt ever that we found while thrift shopping. and second, my beautiful anniversary ring dave gave me. celebrated 10 years on friday!151    029

Monday, September 1, 2014

project life 2014: week 35

sunday: after our overnight anniversary celebration, we had a leisurely morning, eventually ending up at a restaurant for some yummy breakfast.031

also sunday: layla had been working on this incredibly loose molar all day and determined that she was not going to go to sleep until she got it out. FINALLY.033

monday: and this is where I found micah in the morning. his bedding was still in the dryer when he went to bed, and he was going to sleep in a sleeping bag. apparently the sleeping bag slipped off the mattress, so this is where he ended up.


tuesday: my classroom ‘helpers’. layla made a merry-go-round for the animals that had music! Song selections were ‘the farmer in the dell’, ‘amazing grace’, ‘silent night’, and ‘the USC fight song’.2014-09-276

also tuesday: shane and micah brought home this box from a grill that lynn bought and shane put together. micah and layla decided to turn it into a dog house. thus far, the dog has zero interest in it.2014-09-277

thursday: drying paint smocks on the clothesline. yes, I bring work home with me.048

friday: killing time by eating donuts while shane is in driver’s ed.142


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