Monday, December 23, 2013

week 51 in pictures

sunday: we spent the afternoon at amy and adam’s and micah, of course, was super thrilled to get to play with roscoe and dakota. I love that their entire family is trumped by their dogs.071

tuesday: today at ballet, the parents were invited in to watch class. it was really hard for me to remain seated on the floor and not jump up and join them at the barre.002

wednesday: I finally got my current project life caught up, so I could get out my new one for next year! dave chose the “rain” edition for me. so fun to get everything in my hands and take a good look at it. setting up the book is really trippy, not knowing what events will fill those pages.008

friday: SNOW!!!!! we had enough snow to cause a 2 hour delay for the schools, but we just didn’t go at all. that’s where living out of district is a drag, because our local schools were closed. the kids were out as soon as they could get out, and played all morning.016

of course, shane’s immediate reaction to having snow on the ground was to get out the mower and drag a sled around the yard.027

and several snowmen were made… before the snow switched over to rain and everything got sloppy.031

also friday: our house is so pretty all lit up with christmas lights. the snow on the ground just adds to it.032

saturday: just a little candy crush action first thing in the morning…034

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