Monday, December 16, 2013

week 50 in pictures

sunday: these multi-colored kitty paws make me very happy.011

tuesday: heart attack hill.013

wednesday: love love love!!!018

thursday: I didn’t think it was possible. silly me. micah decided, for some reason, that he wanted to play foosball. well, we don’t have a foosball table. that didn’t stop him. he just built it. out of tinker toys, of course.027

friday: “helping” me make christmas cookies. yes, shane had to take a picture of his huge spoonful of cookie dough and text it to his friends. 2013-12-1711

also friday: MOMS Club ‘ugly sweater’ christmas party. lots of fun.DSC01224

saturday: layla recently taught micah how to make paper snowflakes. and now our windows are covered with them…044

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