Monday, December 9, 2013

week 49 in pictures

this wound up being an unexpectedly sad week.

sunday: finally getting the lights up on the house! shane had to stop and text frequently, while up on the roof (eye roll)…101

also sunday: we very suddenly and unexpectedly had to say good bye to our sweet ginger.104

monday: beginning to open the christmas books. we wrap them and open one a night, advent calendar style. we missed the 1st, so they each opened one on the 2nd.111

tuesday: found on layla’s desk.106

wednesday: micah (and then layla) filled out the attendance sheet at church. good to see that all the important people were there.001

thursday: apple pie I made for book club.003

saturday: the advent calendar I grew up with is now hanging outside layla’s door. my mom made this a million years ago.008

a couple of small ones:

the tennis ball ornament I got for ginger last christmas… turns out we only had her for one christmas.

and holy BRRRRR!!!! major cold spell for around here.

113 004

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