Monday, December 2, 2013

week 48 in pictures

sunday: this cat. he seriously sat on me for like 2 hours.049

monday: layla was having some major issues with her math homework.055

tuesday: after watching some kids playing candy crush on an ipad during layla’s ballet class, micah came home and made his own game. out of tinkertoys, of course.065

wednesday: getting our thanksgiving apple pie ready with my helpers!2013-12-171

thursday: shane had pumpkin pie for thanksgiving dessert. no really. there’s a substantial piece of pie under there. ice cream, too!082

friday: these two decorated the entire tree! this is only the very beginning. they literally put every single ornament we own on it. which is a lot.092

saturday: happy micah! we finally got the train out!100

and some square extras.


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