Monday, November 18, 2013

week 46 in pictures

sunday: a weeklong project complete! I washed, sorted, and bagged up all of the leftover clothes from the fall MOMS club garage sale, plus cast offs from my mom and us. all ready to take a trip south to give to kat and cole for their clothing bank! 18 trash bags full!174

monday: no school for veteran’s day, so layla had 2 girlfriends sleep over on sunday night. I sent dave to the store to buy cereal and he came home with froot loops with marshmallows! gag. they thought it was awesome though.176

tuesday: every time I go to safeway, I pass these cinnamon sented pinecones by the door. and then I spend the entire time I’m shopping craving cinnamon bears…178

wednesday: family dance party. micah is hilarious.188

also wednesday: chex mix!!!


thursday: layla had a story due the next day and I helped her edit her rough draft. she insisted I use red pen. 200

saturday: taking apart the carpet shampooer to see if he can make it work.203

also saturday: success!204

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