Monday, November 25, 2013

week 47 in pictures

sunday: the MOMS club collected halloween candy to send off to deployed troops. we had to separate chocolate from non-chocolate candy and layla and micah were happy to help, especially since they got to skim a little off the top.206

monday: missing something? I opened the microwave and the vent cover came along with the door.005

tuesday:just a little wrestling before bed.014

wednesday: the atm gave me these totally weird $100 bills! 2013-12-04

thursday: book dominos.024

friday: ginger found a sun puddle in micah’s room.033

saturday: at ella’s birthday party.046

a couple of extras:

001 029

Monday, November 18, 2013

week 46 in pictures

sunday: a weeklong project complete! I washed, sorted, and bagged up all of the leftover clothes from the fall MOMS club garage sale, plus cast offs from my mom and us. all ready to take a trip south to give to kat and cole for their clothing bank! 18 trash bags full!174

monday: no school for veteran’s day, so layla had 2 girlfriends sleep over on sunday night. I sent dave to the store to buy cereal and he came home with froot loops with marshmallows! gag. they thought it was awesome though.176

tuesday: every time I go to safeway, I pass these cinnamon sented pinecones by the door. and then I spend the entire time I’m shopping craving cinnamon bears…178

wednesday: family dance party. micah is hilarious.188

also wednesday: chex mix!!!


thursday: layla had a story due the next day and I helped her edit her rough draft. she insisted I use red pen. 200

saturday: taking apart the carpet shampooer to see if he can make it work.203

also saturday: success!204

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

meal plan tuesday

I know I always did meal plan monday before, and usually, I make them on different days of the week, but here I am.

I haven’t wanted to do these lately because I feel a little sheepish about it.


because they probably aren’t the healthiest meals. I have reverted to my old favorite recipes that I have always made. why? because we like them, we can afford them, and I know how to make them.

but here in hipsterland, admitting something like this is equivalent to admitting that you abuse puppies. no joke. I may get unfriended and/or ‘evangelized’ by some well-intentioned friends…

our recipes aren’t terrible, but they’re not gluten-free or dairy-free, and certainly not paleo. sometimes there are pre-made and/or processed ingredients. oh well.

when we eat like this, I maintain my sanity. end of story.

if I try to deviate, I get one of a couple different reactions: I stress out completely (usually over my grocery budget which does not support an all organic, all whole foods menu), or I wind up in a slump, where I am not planning anything because I can’t think of anything that I can eat and my family WILL eat.

food is one of those things that I go back and forth about a lot. lots of pendulum swings for me. it’s not due to ignorance. (golly, I wish it were… my sanity would be a lot safer if it were.) no, I know that sugar, bread, pasta, preservatives, etc. are not good choices.

you know what?

oh well.

sometimes, you do what you have to do to get by. getting by means something different at different times. right now, it means getting dinner on the table, within budget, while not running all over town for ingredients, AND making food that (most of) my family will eat. I also don’t really enjoy cooking, nor am I very good at it. I’m not going to experiment a whole lot. I MAY, however, consider doing a ‘one new recipe a week’ thing, just to get some new stuff into my repertoire, but maybe not. I’ve been considering this for years now.

so, after a LOT of ado, here’s our plan for the week:

  • tuesday: pizza; green beans (tuesday is ballet, so that has defaulted to pizza night)
  • wednesday: tater tot casserole
  • thursday: chili and cornbread
  • friday: tacos
  • saturday: bacon potato chowder; sourdough
  • sunday: scrambles (or maybe eggy muffin cups – I keep seeing posts about these); toast
  • monday: pork chops; rice; broccoli
  • next tuesday: pizza; green beans

I did some shopping today, but I will need a few more things before thursday. some diced tomatoes, kidney beans, sour cream, a pound of bacon, some cream of something soup… might need some more eggs, and considering I don’t have any pork chops, rice, or broccoli, I should probably get some before monday. fortunately, I have ample kid-free shopping opportunities now. just thinking back to what a production it used to be. I still don’t like it, though.

 Winking smile

so there you go… why you care what we’re going to eat, I don’t know. this way, I know I have a plan. trying to get better at the whole ‘homemaking’ part of being a homemaker!

“about me”

this (and some minor variations of this) has been my ‘about me’ headliner since I started this blog almost 6 (gasp!) years ago:

i'm a wannabe 1950's housewife continually searching for my sanity. nose-wiper, owie-kisser, connoisseur of pbs cartoons... the Lord has blessed me with a wonderful husband and 3 beautiful children, loving parents, and a new, GORGEOUS house. i love knitting, reading, gardening, scrapbooking, THRIFTING!, blogging and otherwise avoiding the housework i should be doing (but i'm trying to do better and keep this beautiful house looking beautiful). oh, and i NEVER capitalize unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.

I need to change it, but I wanted to preserve it, because it has described me for a good long period of my life. a lot of it is still true. I am still amazingly blessed in my life and my calling to be the wife of a wonderful man and the mother of these awesome children. I’m no better about housework than I ever have been, and my avoidance hobbies are still pretty much the same. I also still don’t capitalize. because I’m lazy. and non-conformist.

but really, the nose-wiping, owie-kissing period has passed (sigh), and pbs has rubbed me the wrong way on more than one occasion lately. if I’m a connoisseur of any tv shows lately, it is probably more like “top gear”, “the A-team”, “my little pony”, and “power rangers”. (although I usually have to leave the room for that last one…)

and I’m going to come clean here. I like to say that I love gardening, but in reality, I only like to say that. actual gardening… not so much.

so I guess now I have to think of something new to say about myself.

Monday, November 11, 2013

week 45 in pictures

sunday: power was still out in the morning, but this was a good sign. finally came back on around 11am. about 26 hours without.086

also sunday: helping with homework.087

monday: micah’s soccer party was at round table pizza. he was super excited to have his very own trophy now!097

tuesday: back to ballet for layla!099

thursday: shane made this pot and planted this impatien plant in vbs the summer of… 2007? somehow or other, it has stayed alive all this time. one other random time, it even flowered. I may have killed it this time…109

also thursday: layla is studying her science book and writing notes on post-its.113

friday: I got to chaperone a field trip for layla’s class to MOHAI. it was so fun. these 6 girls were a great group. 118

saturday: dave and shane were off to home depot at 9am and came back with fence building supplies.132

Monday, November 4, 2013

week 44 in pictures

halloween week!

sunday: we were definitely in need of some pumpkins! after dropping a small fortune last year at the pumpkin patch, we vowed to buy our pumpkins at the store, and just go to the farm for the corn maze and the food. we never made it to the farm this year, but at least we got pumpkins.001

also sunday: why I never need to buy clothes for layla. our trusty hand-me-down source came through and it was like christmas!003

also sunday: tragedy struck! captain america’s shield got stepped on and cracked. daddy + superglue to the rescue.006

tuesday: where’s beatrice???  I made up a bed at my parents’ house and their cat refused to get out of the way… so I just made her into the bed. 014

also tuesday: micah’s latest tinkertoy creation = crutches.015

wednesday: gorgeous sunrise from my front porch.023

thursday: halloween playgroup after school for micah. lots of superhero representation. we felt very safe.033

also thursday: my 3 goofballs. captain america, ballerina, and mexican banana.


saturday: first red cup and first eggnog latte of the season! in the bleachers at shane’s final football game.068

also saturday: it was crazy windy/rainy. when we got home from the football game, we discovered the power out, a tree down at our neighbor’s house, and our fence blown over.076

also saturday: power still out at dinner time (and all night), so we had christmas dinner a la 2008… mac and cheese with peas and carrots.083


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