Saturday, October 26, 2013

week 43 in pictures

not entirely how all of this will go in the book, but I’ll figure it out.

sunday: micah’s latest tinkertoy creation: a bow and arrows, plus a target (behind him on the stairs). in his hand is the bow, and in his “quiver” are all the arrows.249

monday: dave took the day off of work and had an extensive dentist appointment. we met afterward for some coffee before micah had to be picked up from school. I got a good laugh over his novacain lips.251

my car was parked under this totally gorgeous tree.253

since dave was off, we took advantage and took care of getting the oil changed in the van. this meant that we had to pick ALL the kids up from school in the toyota… they didn’t quite fit. 254

since we had to go into town, with everyone crammed in the car, we bribed them to not argue or incessantly quote geico commercials (“guess what day it is?” “c-o-w…e-i-e-i-o”) with the promise of tcby when we got the car back (it happens to be right next to the firestone). yum!255

tuesday: a rare occurrence anymore, that layla allows me to do anything to her hair. for whatever reason, this morning she asked for 2 french braids. after I’d done one, she wanted to see what it looked like so I snapped a quick picture to show her.003

wednesday: my kitchen sink got a badly needed scouring. ahhh… I love a clean, shiny sink.004

thursday: I found this to be hilarious.005

also thursday: brothers shooting aliens together.007

friday: the long-awaited monster mash at school. layla and her friend, dancing to ‘hello’ on the kinect.017

micah, taking an excruciatingly long time to select his prize for winning bingo.020

I tried to get a pic of the two of them together, but micah was already upset because he got in trouble for leaving the gym to chase a friend after he’d been told not to. so layla posed and he pouted.021

and then daddy got in on it… 027

saturday: shane’s team was playing at LW, my high school! it was very weird to go there and sit in the visitor’s bleachers. we won, 32-0!031

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