Monday, September 30, 2013

week 39 in pictures

monday: my barefoot hippie child, twirling in the grass… okay, not quite. she FORGOT to wear shoes to micah’s soccer game. I was going to make her stay with me in the car the whole time, but then she saw 2 burmese mountain dog puppies and wanted to go see them. so I told her she had to take off her socks at least. so she did. spent the whole hour running around on the turf in bare feet.160

also monday: layla organized the shirts in her closet by type and color, in rainbow order…162

tuesday: peeling a carrot for her lunch.165

wednesday: september 25th and THIS is in the dairy case.169

thursday: much to his disappointment, micah has not received homework yet. so he dug out some on his own. 174

friday: shane had double duty at the high school football game. it was junior football night AND junior high band night. so he had to run in at the start with the high school team, be announced, and then run up into the bleachers to play with the band. 178

saturday: at least toby knows which pile of clean clothes belongs to his person…180

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