Monday, September 23, 2013

week 38 in pictures

kind of a weird week. picture taking didn’t happen as often as it should have.

monday: micah, playing soccer… sort of. at least he’s not breakdancing.139

also monday: micah and teammate… the spray fan. I am NOT a fan of this device! 140

tuesday: aren’t they cute in their matchy shirts?142

wednesday: please ignore the heinous mess in this room and focus on how cute the cat is ‘helping’ layla with her homework.146

friday: at the MOMS Club garage sale, the boys were all playing ‘ninjas’ outside… in other words, running around while wielding large sticks. amazingly enough, all eyeballs remained in their sockets.147

saturday: my mom is home!!!! we spent the evening hanging out down at their house. layla and grandma were reading jokes to each other.150

also saturday: keeping my toes toasty at the fire pit.153

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