Sunday, September 1, 2013

week 35 in pictures

sunday: football! it was jr. falcon day and the varsity green and varsity white (shane’s team) scrimmaged. it was so fun to watch!057

also sunday: bella and carper having breakfast of donuts.055

tuesday: seriously.2013-08-31

wednesday; our street is lined with ripe blackberries. this meant I needed to bake a blackberry crisp. it was SO good.081

thursday: I have no idea why the end of august inspires them to dig out hats, mittens, and scarfs, but they did, and they got the cat in on it too.084

friday: visiting my mom on ‘grandparents day’. they played with waterballoons and other such water toys, then ‘helped’ her get back to her room after a nice visit.097

saturday: this time, I had a flat of very ripe nectarines from costco. so why not try nectarine crisp!?! 001

and some instagrams (which, for some reason, are very micah-heavy this week):

upon seeing grandpa’s big sunflower, he declared, WOW! that’s a big dandelion!064

it’s not just the helmet that micah likes to put on… 067

poor micah. kindergarten shots are rough. 079

more fun at ‘grandkids day’.093

micah loves plain noodles. and apparently he thinks the colored ones taste like lime and orange… gross.099

shane was sleeping over at a friend’s, so I got a snuggly kitty all evening.102

book shots later!

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