Monday, September 30, 2013

week 39 in pictures

monday: my barefoot hippie child, twirling in the grass… okay, not quite. she FORGOT to wear shoes to micah’s soccer game. I was going to make her stay with me in the car the whole time, but then she saw 2 burmese mountain dog puppies and wanted to go see them. so I told her she had to take off her socks at least. so she did. spent the whole hour running around on the turf in bare feet.160

also monday: layla organized the shirts in her closet by type and color, in rainbow order…162

tuesday: peeling a carrot for her lunch.165

wednesday: september 25th and THIS is in the dairy case.169

thursday: much to his disappointment, micah has not received homework yet. so he dug out some on his own. 174

friday: shane had double duty at the high school football game. it was junior football night AND junior high band night. so he had to run in at the start with the high school team, be announced, and then run up into the bleachers to play with the band. 178

saturday: at least toby knows which pile of clean clothes belongs to his person…180

Monday, September 23, 2013

week 38 in pictures

kind of a weird week. picture taking didn’t happen as often as it should have.

monday: micah, playing soccer… sort of. at least he’s not breakdancing.139

also monday: micah and teammate… the spray fan. I am NOT a fan of this device! 140

tuesday: aren’t they cute in their matchy shirts?142

wednesday: please ignore the heinous mess in this room and focus on how cute the cat is ‘helping’ layla with her homework.146

friday: at the MOMS Club garage sale, the boys were all playing ‘ninjas’ outside… in other words, running around while wielding large sticks. amazingly enough, all eyeballs remained in their sockets.147

saturday: my mom is home!!!! we spent the evening hanging out down at their house. layla and grandma were reading jokes to each other.150

also saturday: keeping my toes toasty at the fire pit.153

Monday, September 16, 2013

week 37 in pictures

sunday: spent the afternoon doing some sorting of my mom’s stuff in their garage. trying to organize.068

monday: micah has been waiting for this day his whole life! he finally FINALLY got to play soccer!076

tuesday: more soccer. this time it’s layla’s practice.083

wednesday: it’s still summer! some after school sprinkler play in the backyard.090

thursday: this is not a welcome addition to our street. apparently there is road construction in our immediate future.094

saturday: how layla and micah entertain themselves at shane’s football game.121

also saturday: the bench of injured players. shane was first injured, so he’s the one without his jersey and pads on anymore. the rest were just dropping like flies. after the game, we got to spend some time in urgent care where we ran into #62. it was a rough game.130


perpetual footrest.085

glass japanese fishing buoys found in my parents’ garage. I knew my mom had some of these, I just didn’t know where.096

how layla “eats” broccoli. 104

totally crazy squirrel freaking out on our window screen.111

who needs crossfit? this is a huge dirt hill behind the bleachers at the high school. one of many ways layla entertained herself at shane’s football game.124

getting all splinted and wrapped up at urgent care.134

and one final pic that I have to include: 074

Monday, September 9, 2013

week 36 in pictures

sunday: lunch in west seattle at the spud.2013-10-03

monday: heard the sound of darth vader, right out our bedroom window, first thing in the morning. pulled up the blinds to this balloon RIGHT there.002

tuesday: first day of school pictures for the year.2013-10-033

wednesday: so far, micah LOVES school. BUT, pick up time does not go so well because he so desperately wants to be a bus rider. this was his reaction on the second day of school.023

thursday: I have a lot of small verticals that will be going into center slots and collaged by twos into a couple bigger slots from our anniversary adventure on the aerial ropes course.

032 0352013-10-0342013-10-035

saturday: happy birthday to my dad! we got donuts to share for his birthday treat.053

and a smaller skinny of micah and his elephant being silly at the dentist office. we had to get his dark front tooth checked out that he bonked the week before, falling off his chair. nothing concerning discovered!


and some instagrams for the week:

a new chore for micah – putting away his own laundry.006

just when I think I should put a toy away because they never use it anymore…008

just a friendly family uno game.010

layla was ecstatic that her new AG catalog FINALLY came in the mail.022

project life sighting IN our local ben franklin store!! EEK!048

and, just more new ways to torment the dog. nice wig, ginger.060

and that’s our week!

book shots will be added eventually.

Monday, September 2, 2013

west seattle

west seattle is one of my favorite places in the world. especially alki and lincoln park. these are places my mom always went to when she was a kid, growing up there, and she took me there all the time as far back as I can remember. so many birthdays and family reunions and fun gatherings happened at those two places. now, I try to take my kids there when I can, which usually winds up only being about once a year, and always in the summer.

this year, we really cut it close, and I insisted we go on sunday, after church, before school started and/or we lost the good weather.

it was a totally great day, and we realized later that we should have brought swimsuits.

we started off with lunch at spud. 002

the alki spud is not the original, but it’s my favorite. it’s upstairs dining room, looking out over the beach is my favorite place to sit, but layla was having a major fit about the fact that it smelled like fish, and was not getting over it, so we decided to grab a table outside.

there is nothing even remotely nutritionally redeeming about this lunch. but it is deep-fried bliss in a cardboard tray, soggy with garlic malt vinegar. oh my. seriously, best. food. ever.003

after we finished our gluttony, we wandered across the street to hang on the beach for awhile.IMAG0044

the boys practiced their rock-skipping skills.005

layla built a sand cave out of a paper cup.006

and then we headed to lincoln park. the playground there has this awesome zipline swing. shane helped the littles get on it and launched them.012013015

you seriously go flying when it hits the tire-stopper at the end. it’s nerve-wracking for a mom to watch, helplessly hoping your kid is holding on tight enough. but it is SO awesome.016

and then it was time to head down to the beach and begin the traditional trek down the beach, attempting to walk only on the drift wood. IMAG0045

not that micah cared about that challenge… he was happy to continue throwing as many rocks as far into the water as he could manage.IMAG0048_BURST002

seriously, gorgeous view.IMAG0053

it’s always fun to watch the ferries come and go from the dock.IMAG0070IMAG0059

and then… they got wet. layla wanted to “wade”. there is no such thing as just putting her feet in for that child. within 5 minutes, she was soaked to the chest. yes, swimsuits (and/or towels, and/or a change of clothes) would have been a good idea.IMAG0064IMAG0067

we headed back before dinner, mostly because of our two very wet children, who rode home in their wet underwear, and nothing else.


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