Monday, August 26, 2013

week 34 in pictures

sunday: CHORES have begun. in preparation for the start of the school year (and because they have been lazy bums for far too long), I finally got the kids chores organized. micah, it turns out, is a crazy good toilet wiper.011

monday: I had to run to angie’s to borrow something and the kids and I got to try out her spankin’ new zip line!2013-08-317

tuesday: new and improved backyard fun… riding your bike through the sprinkler!026

wednesday: dropped in to visit my mom and got to see her in the middle of a physical therapy session. 033

thursday: someone is just a little bit excited that it’s finally his turn to play soccer. we picked up all the team gear and he was SO excited.038

friday: layla and micah were in vbs all week and had some fun on the playground after. micah finally mastered the fire pole, and layla is now a bar-skipping monkey.2013-08-318

saturday: ah, the dreaded saturday chores. shane learned how to completely clean a bathroom and micah got to vacuum his room (among other things). most of layla’s day was spent dealing with the hell hole that makes up her desk drawers.2013-08-319

and some instagrams:

I love that micah is so excited about shane playing football. he does this whenever possible.002

just a start on the school supplies my MOMS Club collected for our school supply drive for our local food bank. this pile grew significantly.004

found these at my parents house. lawn darts! actual ones with metal tips that stick into the ground. you know, the dangerous kind you can’t buy anymore!006

um. my foot was JUST there.018

at the start of the summer, layla and my dad planted two whole rows of lettuce. NOTHING came up. and then, suddenly, we have this one, lonely, but very determined, lettuce plant!020

and I finally have some cucumbers as well!022

and that’s it. book shots coming later.

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