Saturday, August 17, 2013

week 33 in pictures

sunday: showing off the balloon animals they got at the obliteride finish line party at magnuson park.156

monday: shane’s first EVER football practice! 162

tuesday: they heard the ice cream truck, actually scrounged up enough money to buy something, and successfully stopped it! (I was mean because we had to leave right after this to get shane to practice, and I didn’t want them eating popsicles in the hot car, so I made them put them in the freezer until after dinner. the up side of that was that micah didn’t want to eat his dinner [big surprise there], but I threatened to eat his popsicle and he choked it down in minutes! I need to find more ways to exploit this!)046

wednesday: layla FINALLY got her long, tangly hair cut. she was very nervous and kind of mad at me about the whole thing, but the salon experience was fun (thanks for the recommendation, lisa), the stylist was vey nice and gave her cute heart braids, and she got about 4 inches taken off with some long layers added in. it looks SO good, and is so much easer for her to manage. she also decided that she is in love with getting her hair cut. 2013-08-172

thursday: oh my goodness! another fell out!058

friday: having fun with the new shoes they got for school. (and then I made them put them back in the boxes and save them for the first day.)013

saturday: the blackberries are getting ripe! yay!070

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