Monday, August 12, 2013

week 32 in pictures

sunday: my parents’ house is sold!006

monday: finally getting caught up on project life. all the way back to before our california trip in june.033

tuesday: I really don’t know what this is about, other than strange things my kids come up with to do… they are in micah’s room, in the dark. layla is reading “the very quiet cricket” to micah, while he shines his lantern on the book, while sitting IN a doll crib. no idea.013

friday: we got my mom’s piano moved from their old house to our house. they don’t have room for it in their new house, and my mom has a smaller piano there already. now to get it tuned so it can be played!115

also friday: this weekend was the “obliteride”, which dave and cole were riding in (180 miles over 2 days) as a fundraiser for cancer research. friday night was the kick off party at gas works park. catered dinner, beer garden, and concert with michael franti and spearhead! it was awesome! so much fun.2013-08-131

saturday: the MOMS Club was walking in the celebrate woodinville parade, and we were lined up across from the basset hound group. that was fun enough to watch, but then someone pulled up with a wagon full of puppies! OMG. we were all dying. I want one. they were so sweet.2013-08-13

also saturday. layla, working on a puzzle with grandma and grandpa.155

and some instagrams:

in the category of “weird stuff my kids do”… I found this in my freezer. that’s a plastic spoon, frozen in a block of ice in a sandwich bag. I don’t get it.004

more weird stuff… my kids are incapable of throwing away bandaid wrappers. I find this stuff on bathroom counters EVERY DAY!006

holy bees!!! found this yellow jacket nest under the eaves on our front porch. (and as of the time of this posting, it has not, to my knowledge, been removed.) eek!109

more methods of tormenting the cat. he wins the gold in the sport of tolerance to torture by kids.112

me and dave, selfie w/ michael franti on stage in the background. YAY!IMAG0013

big deal! micah lost his FIRST TOOTH on saturday!140

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