Monday, August 5, 2013

week 31 in pictures

another slightly odd week.

on sunday evening, my mom was moved back over to the hospital to await surgery. they decided that doing a minimally invasive surgery and placing 3 screws in the hip, followed by rehab, was the best way to go.

monday: back in her room, following surgery.286

after she was awake, my dad put my mom’s wedding ring back on her finger. he’d had it in his pocket.

I watched, and took pictures.

it was quite sweet.


also monday: in her sleepy, post-op state, my mom enjoyed a visit from syndney, a golden retriever, making her rounds through the hospital. such a great program.289

tuesday: layla, micah, and a neighborhood friend, cooling off in the pool and playing some sort of fishing game.298

also tuesday: so typical. the dog is ALWAYS wanting in and the cat is ALWAYS wanting out… (and the window is ALWAYS dirty…)305

wednesday: to appease my impatient children, we spent the afternoon at fred meyer buying school supplies (that will sit and wait for a month). they specify that the pencils should be sharpened, so they took turns shoving them all into the pencil sharpener.309


friday: it had been cloudy/rainy for a couple of days and I was FREEZING! decided to spend an hour or so in a hot bubble bath. 317

and one more skinny, for your enjoyment…

at costco on saturday, we noticed a big rack of superhero halloween costumes out. micah honed in in the captain america right away. he was so excited to get it home and on his body instantly! pretty cute with all those muscles.321

and that’s it!

book shots to come.

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