Monday, July 29, 2013

week 30 in pictures

phew! nice to be back to some more basic weeks, especially where pictures are involved. no big events this week that required lots of pictures.

sunday: it was my birthday, and I was perfectly content to spend the afternoon doing this:241

monday: layla got julie all set up in her bed, and even found her some reading material (a magazine of sorts).253

tuesday: well, not good news. on monday afternoon, my mom had a fall and wound up with a broken hip. they were not advising surgery to repair, so she was moved over to the hospice center across the street to recuperate in bed, hopefully healing the hip by not moving it. I spent the afternoon/evening visiting, and later reading my book as she slept.255

wednesday: they made a pillow fort.259


friday: there’s a first time for everything, right? so far, I have managed to avoid having a potato blow up in my oven… I can no longer say this…270

saturday: ribs. oh yeah. 2013-08-0630

and some skinnies:

shane, being silly in the trampoline with a feed sack on each leg... and micah, sporting his first ever pair of soccer cleats. you could say he’s a little excited.245 272

and that’s it!

book shots to be added later.

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