Monday, July 15, 2013

week 28 in pictures

busy, busy week, with a weird twist…

sunday: meet “carrot guy”. micah is way into making his food into people or flowers, or some other such picture lately.013

monday: on the train at “rumblinger” farms with MOMS Club friends! 038

tuesday: new use for the clothesline: it’s a cat run! toby did eventually wiggle out of his harness, but he only went as far as the garden. he so desperately wants to be an outside cat.115

wednesday: while running birthday prep errands for her and shane’s impending birthdays, it became quite apparent that layla was NOT feeling very well. sore throat, cough, and what turned out to be a fever. she finally fell asleep on the way home in the back seat and stayed there for at least an hour after we got home. 005

thursday: with most of her birthday plans thwarted by illness, we had a mellow day at home that eventually included opening gifts and having her requested dinner of french toast. she wanted brownies for her birthday dessert.034

friday: AND… another birthday! shane’s 14th was great. he got to go go-karting with his friend, grant and then we had KFC for dinner and he requested cookie dough for his dessert. it was awesome. we put candles in it and sang and everything. then he got the whole tub to himself. (don’t worry, we had a second tub for the rest of us.)070

saturday: start of the STP! shane, dave, kat, and cole (plus noah and luka) all rode this year. they were quite the entourage.076

and some skinnies to stick in center pockets:

  1. layla still has her mad wii boxing skills
  2. last day to be 7
  3. she’s 8!!! (with a birthday bowl of lucky charms
  4. shane’s last day to be 13 (10 fingers + 3 paws)

112 006008 039

and then some instagrams:

when micah butters corn:111

I was out all day the day before in like 3 different grocery stores and target twice… couldn’t manage to remember that I needed dishwasher detergent…011

crawly made a cocoon while we were in california so we have been patiently awaiting what was going to happen next! he made it! he’s a moth! and layla decided that his name should now be “fluttery” instead of crawly.042

layla, julie, and all the other julies at the american girl store, spending some birthday $$ from grandma and grandpa.044

julie got herself some rollerblades!052

layla stuck this on my back. awesome.056

and some big collages from all our busyness.

2 from remlinger farms:2013-08-0692013-08-0610

and 1 of birthday celebrations:2013-08-0611

I’ll add book shots once I get my pics back and into the book.

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