Monday, July 8, 2013

week 27 in pictures

sunday: gramma and papa with the kids before saying goodbye and driving home.313

tuesday: HUGE strawberry harvest!007

wednesday: micah and layla having a popsicle picnic in the backyard. micah is laughing because he just belched and layla is wearing a towel to protect her new outfit she got from gramma and papa from getting popsicle drips on it.026

also wednesday: dave, micah, layla, and ginger playing some backyard soccer.031

thursday: our 4th of july plans got a little thwarted by a random fever this kid came down with in the afternoon.034

also thursday: we still managed to make it to susie and kevin’s 4th of july party (leaving micah at home with grandpa) and layla was super stoked to see that her friend, bleu was there too! 037

layla and daddy getting ready for the fireworks.040

some skinnies for center slots:

003 006042

AND, some instagrams I’ll be including 4x4 style in my brand spankin’ new design J pages I just got.

while doing some pruning in the front yard, I was visited by this super-tame dragonfly who was kind enough to just sit there and let me take its picture.


micah decorated the cat.


removing red wine stains from the shirt julie (layla’s american girl doll) wore to the 4th of july party. this makes me chuckle.


SUPER long bike ride for dave and shane on saturday morning. 76.something miles.


layla was suddenly inspired to clean all the windows. I wasn’t going to argue, so I told her to clean the bathroom mirrors, too!                  


finding uses for all the strawberries we have right now. yum, strawberry shortcake.


and then I have 2 big collages I will insert in the center of the spread of pics from sunday, traveling home.2013-07-0519

this one cracks me up. I love getting my phone back from one of the kids to find 100’s of selfies… hilarious.2013-07-0520

I will include book shots once I get the pics back and printed.

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