Sunday, July 14, 2013

shane’s 14th birthday

night before, posing for the official ‘last day to be 13’ picture. it has been interesting, trying to make his work, as he’s gotten older. after 10 has been challenging. each year, he comes up with something creative.

this year, toby helped, by lending 3 paws to shane’s 10 fingers. doesn’t he look thrilled?039

the next day, shane and his friend grant went go-karting. apparently, if you are over 14, you don’t have to take the training course, which costs like 30 bucks. AND, if you buy a pass, which shane wanted anyway, you get a free race on your birthday. he was stoked.

after he got home, we had his requested dinner of KFC, and then he opened presents from his siblings.

micah got him a new set of seattle skyline socks.062

and layla got him a fun t-shirt.067

then it was time to sing happy birthday.068

his dessert of choice this year?

cookie dough. 070

so awesome! he got a whole tub to himself, but it was okay, because we got another one for the rest of us.072

I seriously can’t believe I have a 14 year old. wow.

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