Saturday, July 20, 2013

layla’s party

so, layla hadn’t had a proper birthday party since she was 3. oops. so I told her that this year we would have a good one, and she could invite her friends, and all that.

we planned a ‘backyard campout’ themed party, and it was a lot of fun. we used our camping supplies, found some cute lanterns, played some games, ate hot dogs off of pie tins, made knapsacks out of sticks and bandanas, got in sleeping bags and watched ‘the parent trap’, made s’mores around the campfire, and had a good time!140

the food tent, set up.137

trying out the feed sacs for the sack race.136

a little pre-party catastrophe… this is right after the dog ate the hot dog buns and right before a guest arrived early while I was in the shower. aaagghh! it all worked out okay, though. 141

for games, we had a sack race, a 3 legged race, and a sponge relay:152145

the team that filled their cup with water first, won.IMAG0434

dave grilled some dogs.IMG_20130719_172706

the spread… all served in camping pots and pans.155

layla really wanted a pinata too.183190192

checking out their lanterns while watching the movie and eating pinata candy.211

shane was in charge of building the fire.215

s’mores at the ready.217228

and, this is what I did when it was all over… 229

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