Saturday, July 13, 2013

layla’s 8th birthday

so… layla had a slight bummer of a birthday this year.

the day before, as we were out running some birthday prep errands, it became quite apparent that things were not quite right with her.

she said she was fine, just tired, but she was totally dragging. she eventually admitted she had a bit of a sore throat, but on the way home, she passed out in the car and stayed there, sprawled across the back seat for over an hour.005

sure enough, she had a fever.

but, a little bit of tylenol had her ready to pose for her ‘last day to be 7 picture.006

the next day, I wasn’t sure what to expect. we had grand plans to go downtown and go out to lunch with daddy, and then visit grandma and grandpa who were sending her on a shopping trip to the american girl store to get some stuff for julie. that’s not really how it happened.

in the morning, she was still not feeling super, but eventually decided she wanted a bowl of her special birthday breakfast treat, lucky charms.008

but she still had a fever, so we had to postpone everything else.

later in the afternoon, she got to open her presents from her brothers. 017

micah got her a my little pony beach towel.022

shane got her a flower headband and a pair of hello kitty sunglasses.024026

she still wanted the dinner she’d requested (french toast) and her brownies.029034

she was fever-free the next day, so while shane was off celebrating his birthday with a friend at a go-kart track, we got to take julie up to the AG store to find some new stuff. she wound up with ‘nutmeg’, julie’s pet bunny, and a rollerblading set. pretty fun.043

although I will say, shopping at the AG store with a limited amount of money is excruciating!

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