Friday, July 5, 2013


this has been such a weird week. back from vacation and right into summer break. we didn’t really have any days of break before we left since we took shane out of school a day early, got in the car and left for 12 days. so now I’m totally feeling at odds. the kids are not really antsy yet. enjoying lazy days of doing not much of anything. subsequently, I find myself in my jammies at 4pm and not very much food in the fridge because going to the store is just way too much effort at this point.

at any rate, here are my instashots from our not very eventful week. at least we had a holiday thrown in there for some variety, but even that was kinda lame, since micah spiked a fever mid-day and kind of ruined our plans.



some shots from our trip home last sunday.

fuel stop #1:528

shasta lake: I have an obsession with this place. it is so beautiful (at least from the freeway, which is the closest I’ve ever gotten), and looks like so much fun. there are always houseboats all over the lake, RVs lined up on the shores, people riding jet skis, etc. etc. makes me want to spend the whole summer on the deck of a boat in a bathing suit, with a bottle of some frufru wine cooler in my hand. the place just screams FUN.530

mt. shasta, making an awesome appearance.539

the one we call diet shasta.541

a potty stop at a gas station. gorgeous view from the parking lot. (nevermind the creepy guy with the bottle-shaped brown paper bag who was sitting on the bench next to the door and decided to get up and limp toward us, only to turn around and go back to his bench, right before we left.)543

back at home… still had the gps plugged in. I found it hilarious that garmin doesn’t seem to think that there are any paved roads through reintree (local neighborhood).002

first raspberries of of the year!!!004

nice warm day in the backyard – perfect for bare feet and popsicles.005

again with the shadows. I guess us seattleites know what a big deal this is. LOVE this.006

massive strawberry harvest! could have easily had twice that, but all the rain last week resulted in massive quantities of moldy berries. so sad. stupid rain.008

my coffee drinking throne.009

time to tackle this eyesore. lupine, that was once very pretty. not so much anymore.011

while pruning, I was visited by this tame dragonfly.014

popsicle picnic. layla is trying to protect her new outfit from drips and micah is laughing because he just belched. 026

ob. sessed. 027

nothing like an independence day fever to wreck everyone’s plans. boo hiss. he didn’t seem to feel too badly, and even protested when we told him he had to stay home with grandpa (who was babysitting our neurotic about fireworks dog) instead of going to see the fireworks at susie’s.035

while I think that lighting the fireworks before it is really dark is kind of wasteful, I will say it results in some pretty cool pictures.042

friday morning. I swear my coffeemaker was SO SLOW. it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the late night and the way kevin was so unwilling to allow my wine glass to get completely empty. ever.051

caught him decorating the cat’s tail.055

it only got worse from there. poor toby.059

removing red wine stains from julie’s top. yes, even dolls have a good time at 4th of july parties.061

baby tomatoes!!! yay. hurry up and ripen!063

micah found a medicine spoon in the back of the silverware drawer. put his finger in it… yes, it got stuck. he was frantically waving his hand around, trying to get it off.065

and then… POP!! it finally came out. the second after this shot, he actually smacked himself in the nose with that hand. the whole situation was hilarious.067

so there’s that. average, every day.

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