Monday, July 29, 2013

week 30 in pictures

phew! nice to be back to some more basic weeks, especially where pictures are involved. no big events this week that required lots of pictures.

sunday: it was my birthday, and I was perfectly content to spend the afternoon doing this:241

monday: layla got julie all set up in her bed, and even found her some reading material (a magazine of sorts).253

tuesday: well, not good news. on monday afternoon, my mom had a fall and wound up with a broken hip. they were not advising surgery to repair, so she was moved over to the hospice center across the street to recuperate in bed, hopefully healing the hip by not moving it. I spent the afternoon/evening visiting, and later reading my book as she slept.255

wednesday: they made a pillow fort.259


friday: there’s a first time for everything, right? so far, I have managed to avoid having a potato blow up in my oven… I can no longer say this…270

saturday: ribs. oh yeah. 2013-08-0630

and some skinnies:

shane, being silly in the trampoline with a feed sack on each leg... and micah, sporting his first ever pair of soccer cleats. you could say he’s a little excited.245 272

and that’s it!

book shots to be added later.

Monday, July 22, 2013

week 29 in pictures

sunday: while killing time in portland, we were lucky enough to get to visit w/ my cousins and aunt and celebrate a special 2nd birthday. micah was very excited about the golf set he picked out to give him… and very concerned when he wasn’t “using it right”.088

a couple skinnies for the center slots of the offensive way to use the golf clubs wrong… they were not supposed to go in the pool and micah was not amused! LOL.

also, micah, in a tree, waiting and waiting for dave and shane to cross the finish line of the STP.091 092

finally! (shane was there too, but I didn’t have my camera ready fast enough. it’s hard to time it right.093

and cole and kat finishing w/ their entourage. they got much fanfare as they finished.094

wednesday: prepping for layla’s birthday party. we bought out michaels’ supply of lanterns.122

thursday: every now and then shane just needs to love on ginger.129

saturday: I had a TON of errands to run and I made the mistake of taking layla with me to spend some birthday money at target. OMG… she took for-ev-er… finally wound up with a bed for julie.2013-08-0612

also saturday: dave planned a little surprise party for me at fireside cellars. I though he and I were just going out, but then we got there, and lynn, miina, lisa, and my friend dave from high school were all there! I was SO surprised, and I had a ton of fun. it was a beautiful evening, and while we were there, we had an awesome balloon flyover.239

and then I have a bunch of instagrams:

part of my killing time in portland on sunday involved spending my lululemon gift card. layla and micah had to come along and micah was most excited about the display of yoga mats. not sure what was so great about them, but he was impressed…


every time I get to the bottom of a jar of nutella, I wish I had the long, flat, tongue of a dog. it’s true.097

found this on the wall. when I asked micah what it was, he said he was playing “stick the straw on the cup”. okay…102

fun at willis-tucker park.107

a nice mom at the park alerted me to the fact that I had a sticker on my back… at least it doesn’t say “kick me”.112

more park fun.


shane is always finding new and improved ways to torment his cat. apparently toby is an STP finisher.121

big display of ‘bacon’ goods at the party store.123

more party prep: we acquired feed sacks for the sack race. they had to try them out. micah didn’t want to race because he wanted to be the starter.134

the ‘food tent’ ready for the party.137

and… 1 hour before the party, this happened. right after the dog at the hot dog buns, and right before a guest arrived 36 minutes early… not awesome.141

me, after all the guests had gone, and kids were in bed. 229

and 3 big collages from layla’s party.2013-08-06272013-08-06282013-08-0629

book shots will be added after I get the pics back.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

layla’s party

so, layla hadn’t had a proper birthday party since she was 3. oops. so I told her that this year we would have a good one, and she could invite her friends, and all that.

we planned a ‘backyard campout’ themed party, and it was a lot of fun. we used our camping supplies, found some cute lanterns, played some games, ate hot dogs off of pie tins, made knapsacks out of sticks and bandanas, got in sleeping bags and watched ‘the parent trap’, made s’mores around the campfire, and had a good time!140

the food tent, set up.137

trying out the feed sacs for the sack race.136

a little pre-party catastrophe… this is right after the dog ate the hot dog buns and right before a guest arrived early while I was in the shower. aaagghh! it all worked out okay, though. 141

for games, we had a sack race, a 3 legged race, and a sponge relay:152145

the team that filled their cup with water first, won.IMAG0434

dave grilled some dogs.IMG_20130719_172706

the spread… all served in camping pots and pans.155

layla really wanted a pinata too.183190192

checking out their lanterns while watching the movie and eating pinata candy.211

shane was in charge of building the fire.215

s’mores at the ready.217228

and, this is what I did when it was all over… 229


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